Here Is The Tales From The Crypt Video Game That Almost Got Made


There is a YouTube channel CryptTube which has revealed details about a Tales From The Crypt video game which was never made. The channel managed to access some CGI concept images and artwork from Mike Vosburg, the artist from Tales who claimed that he had done a lot of initial work for the game back in the 1990s. According to that concept art, there was a mixture of the well-known HBO theme of Tales from the Crypt, and art which indicates that the game would have featured unique stories and probably even the original comic book stories.

The YouTube channel’s host contacted the actor John Kassir who played Cryptkeeper to find out whether he recalled having done any voice work for the proposed game. Kassir stated that he had recorded a few lines and was unhappy since it was never released.

However, neither of them revealed the details about what kind of game it would have been. All that we see is some serious 90s CGI which hints at it being a point-and-click adventure segregated in some stories from the Tales from the Crypt anthology. However, it is only speculation.

However, there is no uncertainty about the eventual fate of this game. Vosburg has no memory of the company he had initially worked with, but, all he remembers is that a bigger company bought it and then decided to scrap the game before its completion. Vosburg indicated that the game was at an advanced stage of development, but, it is not known whether or to what extent was it playable before getting scrapped?

The thing is, this goes into the same bin where the failed reboot went and also consider the fact that the show hasn’t been made available on the HBO’s streaming services.


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