60 Hilarious Wendy’s Tweets That Are Savage As Hell


Wendy’s is a fast-food chain of restaurants that specialize in burgers, fries, nuggets and more. In a country like the United States of America, with its different states and cities, fat-food is the most thriving business there is in the food and beverage sector. What’s more!? With each state, running a franchise is as good as a, b, c, so you feed the hungry happy customers, you make a quick buck, and everyone is happy, right? Until you have to face the heat in the form of business competitors.

The closest to successful entrepreneurship and booming brand in the same United States and worldwide as well is the Mc Donald’s. Their success formula is nothing short of any carefully laid out business plan and they’re not going out of business anytime soon now! Though Wendy’s is also here to stay and are equally serious about their own venture and will leave no stone unturned nor will they take criticism or no for an answer.

With social-media being today’s gateway to direct marketing, quick promotions and spreading the word on something new and exciting, it is also the most easily assuming and safe place for one to hide in the shadows and spectate or pass on wide range of remarks or words of appreciation either to gain a leverage or bring down the other person. Business organizations are no different and to stay up-to-date and in-trend, feel the need to be socially recognized, in the limelight and talk-of-the-town for years together. In social media to stay in trend for a stretch number of days is not an easy task. One day you have something new and viral, and the next day you have another trend or fad going on. It’s challenging to stay on top and by all means necessary, no matter what and how.

Twitter is one of the platforms that allows prominent individuals and business entities to stay on track and remain actively present in front of the eyes of the many tweeters and social-media enthusiasts there are. For the most part, it is a thing of entertainment, leisure, recreation and what not until the debate heats up and web Naxalites throng to bring down the house and defame their prey and targets.

So as much as one feels the need to be the center of attraction, they must realize, they’re attracting a lot of unwanted attention towards themselves. Wendy’s is one joint that means no harm yet is picked on my social-media bullies who’re either competitor supporters or just paid hooligans. Either way, Wendy’s is far from stepping down or here’s how they fight back with – counteractive sarcasm and wilfully thought to outsmart and impressive answers for its many tweeters and twitter followers! Let’s have a look at 60 of the most hilariously savage tweet responses from Wendy’s!

1. Trash talk? Not on Wendy’s watch!

1If you think giving a smart comeback as calling Wendy’s as trash is a win for the team, then you’re sadly mistaken! This one is for the incinerator and Wendy’s leaves no room for the burn is for real!

2. They claim it to be organic, we then start to immediately panic!


If there’s one way of false-advertising going around in the food business, it is to give assurance that your food is as fresh as nature itself! We all know that this sends chills down one’s spine!

3. Relationship goals – Done right, Wendy’s style!


Food over friend? Definitely food! It won’t judge you no matter who you are!

4. Bots! Bots everywhere! Says Wendy’s!


Most people ain’t got no time to sit around and watch their social media handles when they’ve their own thing going on! No human, no problem!

5. Fool a fool by letting them know you’re sorry when you really aren’t!


This one is for those who feel they really don’t fit in. Extroverts, who needs them!

6. Thawed but not forgotten!


Preserving in ice is what kept the caveman alive. Your meat doesn’t require such harsh treatment. Keep it nice. Keep it cold, not frozen!

7. Not all heroes come in loaves!


This one is sure to turn on those so-called wannabe health food cravers who don’t mind mayonnaise on their sub but lose their mind when used in a burger!

8. The bare minimum is a square meal per day!


The parody to elliptical pizzas in square boxes! All these circles make a square!

9. Wouldn’t you like to know?


You don’t mind who your stalkers are but you’re dying to know who roasts you on twitter!

10. Food is love, food is life!


Some people are just too jobless to even be capable of being in a relationship!

11. Old McDonald had a freezer!


Ice is not always nice! You’re better of eating frozen popsicles!

12. The ‘M’ Insignia!


At this rate, your mouth is going to look like that!

13. You came, you saw, you left!


What goes in must come around and out! The law of Wendy’s!

14. Sabotage plans foiled by food!


It’s good to send your friends! More food for them and more money for Wendy’s! Win-win situation!

15. Royalty is always stone-hearted, sometimes ice cold!


You can’t put a crown on every king who claims to be the hearsay among all! Even jesters wear pointy hats!

16. When things just aren’t the same, just relocate!


It’s ok to sometimes be on the move than sit in one place! Good things come to those who seek them out!

17. No contest there!


Not all those who take part of even get nominated, stand a chance to win!

18. That’s going to leave a mark on the stomach!


Wendy’s is not pleased nor intimated about this one!

19. Asking for trouble!


Wendy’s was sure kind enough to put you out of your misery!

20. This guy is on a suicide mission!


Young punks love to look hip and cool, sadly they aren’t always and merely posers!

21. Ah, the old’ faker!


It’s bad enough you’re being so brave behind a computer screen, why hide your shame!?

22. Sorry for your loss


Some people just won’t quit being a pansy!

23. Sorry… But you just aren’t worth our time!


Why don’t you just go have a beef with a toddler your size and age!

24. Stop singing praises already!


Wendy’s doesn’t like to gloat their own trumpet or allow others to laud them with laurels!

25. A deal that seems too good to be true!


Black Fridays are just not the same anymore without Wendy’s!

26. Illicit Marketing 101


Keep your meat frozen than fresh to save up on flesh. Claim to sell fresh food to your customers!

27. Isn’t it quite obvious!


The answer that lies within the question is the best sough out one!

28. Satisfied customer, satisfied Wendy’s!


Now that’s how you allow yourself to be talked about in a good way!

29. Hardy har har!


Wendy’s can roast and has a good sense of humor! How about yourself!?

30. You think. You don’t know for sure!


Do yourself a favor and mind your own business! It’ll do you good rather than being a bootlicker for someone else!

31. Turning biz, into show biz! Not a bad idea!


Wendy’s is honest, Wendy’s is outspoken!

32. May the force be with you!


A long, long, long time ago! There was an epic legend named Wendy’s!

33. That tweet is going to need a lot of antiseptic for healing!


Just give up already! Why are you even trying to act smart like a standup comedian!?

34. You take a detour, you asked for what’s coming your way!


Some people are so tongue twisted they don’t even know what they want anymore!

35. Food means Wendy’s, Wendy’s means Food!


You don’t have to keep staring at commercials all day, why not reenact one with a Wendy’s burger!

36. Who doesn’t love a restaurant where you can check out immediately!


McDonald’s – They make your exit and your food to exit you fasters while only your money gets in them!

37. You don’t need to try! Just leave it to unfreeze itself!


Pattycake champion then and forever! Wendy’s!

38. Pastries don’t scare them patties!


Wouldn’t you prefer some nice hot sauce or ketchup over maple syrup!

39. Mythical mode of payment!


Don’t get lost in the fantasy. Stick to reality!

40. The real slim shady!


Your raps are a mere yap trap!

41. Weekends are better than weekdays! Always!


Everyone can make a sandwich. Only Wendy’s makes them better!

42. Double trouble, right there!


More people think McDonald’s is the keyword to getting back at Wendy’s! How sadly they’re mistaken!

43. Let’s keep it a clean and healthy competition


Wendy’s is never a sore loser, always a sportive winner!

44. Stop crying like a baby!


You gotta be mature if you wanna handle something as simple as a roast!

45. Memes are Wendy’s favorite pastime!


We all love memes, so does Wendy’s. So much that they don’t mind being made into one!

46. Scoot the hoot!


Clothes are an essentiality to the basic amenity of humans!

47. Rhyming and dining like a boss!


Get a few buck bucks for your big bucks!

48. Twitter is as simple as a Childs play!


With age comes wisdom! Not specifically young or old though!

49. Stop being a jerk, stop eating dirt


Why torment yourself with gross and grotesqueness? You’re punishing your tummy for no reason!

50. It’s not easy being a fan favorite!


You need a lot to learn before you can transcend to the level of ascension!

51. Not interested in fairy-tale!


Life is better when you accept reality rather than getting lost in the dream of fantasy!

52. Superheroes – They know the best too!


Wendy’s is probably another Wonder Woman! Maybe in real-life!

53. Hashtag this!


Pucker up and sink your lips into a Wendy’s burger!

54. Get your cashback!


Make your money worthwhile. It’s hard-earned and you need to value it!

55. We need to go as low as negative integers!


McDonald’s – Not even worth a zero to begin with!

56. Have a sense of humor!


Not every fast-food will put a smile on your face!

57. You gotta workout on your people skills there!


You can’t just sit around and let things to expect to fall in place! You gotta move your ass around!

58. We need palatable food. Not one that makes us puke!


Wendy’s knows what your tastes are and what to keep you from ever going hungry again!

59. Not all tree huggers are environmentalists!


Imagine the amount of pressure he’d put on a burger by the time he could eat it. That’s sauce and mustard all over his tresses!

60. Awww nuts!


Mr. Peanut! You’re asking for it! Stick to your almonds and cashews. Why do you want to crack this open!?

So there you have it! 60 most savage and hilarious tweets from Wendy’s – Some that are witty, some thoughtful, some funny and some worth the roast! This is one twitter handle one wouldn’t want to mess around withFu



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