30 Times When Hollywood Stars Dazzled In Indian Traditional Dresses


The rising economic and global stature of India has brought about a much greater understanding and interest in the country, its culture and above all, the Indian fashion.

Recently, Disney made a live-action version of the 1991 fairytale Beauty and the Beast which earned hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. This film once again highlighted the Indian embroidery’s beauty. The movie’s costume designer Jacqueline Durran gave Belle (Emma Watson), an intricate bodice that was crafted in India. The costume’s hand-stitched flower patterns were created by Kusam and Junia, a couple of artisan siblings from Gujrat in India.


Even the Indian fashion industry has greatly expanded in the recent years. Indians have become more aware of their everyday fashion. The fashion retail industry has now grown online, and Indian fashion is now selling all over the world. The fashion designers are now displaying their work globally. It makes a designer feel proud when an internationally recognized celebrity wears their clothes. However, when Hollywood celebrities start wearing their clothes, it becomes even more of a matter of pride for the Indian designers. It gives visibility to not only the work of the designer but, the entire Indian fashion community.

Over the years, whether it be Michelle Obama, the wife of the former US President Barack Obama, to Beyonce, from Katy Perry to model Lady Victoria Harvey, all have worn stunning outfits created by renowned Indian designers.

Here we present to you this compilation of 30 Hollywood personalities who have dazzled in Indian outfits!

Alyssa Milano

Angelina Jolie

Anna Kournikova

Robert Downey Jr.

Anne Hathaway

Ashley Judd

Ashton Kutcher


Ben Kingsley visited Taj Mahal with his wife Daniela Lavender

Cricketer Michael Clarke and his wife Kyly Boldy

Devon Aoki

Dita Von Teese

Elizabeth Hurley

Eva Mendez

Mark Zuckerberg

Brett Lee

Gisele Bundchen

Halle Berry

Jessica Alba

Kate Moss


Katherine Heigl


Max Greenfield

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Watts

Oprah Winfrey

Pamela Anderson

Paris Hilton

Selena Gomez

Snoop Dogg

Uma Thurman