10 Shocking Times When Hulk Had Eaten People


The Hulk has been famous for a lot of things like his brutal and raw, super strength and also his viciousness. The character’s anger and temperament are also known to be legendary. While he is a superhero, at time, the Hulk’s rage has gotten the better of him. Here, we have for you 10 times that the Hulk ate people:

1. Hulk Eats Mr. Fantastic

In Contest of Champions II, we had seen many heroes being pitted against each other, and the Hulk is seen going against Mr. Fantastic. Reed Richards then wraps himself around the Hulk, trying to cut off oxygen supply but the Hulk takes one long breath and then swallows him and spits him out eventually.

2. Zombie Hulk eats the whole Universe

In the issues of Marvel Zombies, the superheroes were infected with a virus, and they turn into zombies. When the Silver Surfer had come to Earth for warning all the heroes about Galactus, the heroes eat him as well. When Galactus had arrived, Hulk and the other heroes devour Galactus.

3. Old Man Hulk eats Old Man Logan

In the fan-favourite Old Man Logan series, all the villains are seen uniting and destroying the superheroes. The remaining heroes hide as the world is getting divided amongst Abomination, Red Skull, and also Magneto. The Hulk then kills Abomination, and he takes over the territory, and when Old Man Logan went after Hulk for killing his family, Hulk eats him as well. Logan then regenerates and tears out of Hulk’s stomach.

4. Hulk eats Ant-Man

Eric O’Grady, the 4th Ant-Man was a greedy man, but he has helped people when he needed to. In the issue of World War Hulk, when the Hulk had threatened to destroy the city, Ant-Man went to stop the Hulk. He then got into Hulk’s body and jumped into his mouth but learned that the Hulk was indestructible from the inside and also the outside.

5. Ultimate Hulk eats Abomination

The Abomination is a big enemy the Hulk. In the Ultimates universe, Chang Lam was the abomination, and this version is no match for the Hulk either. While he was fighting the Liberators, The Hulk crosses paths with Abomination, and he rips him into pieces and eats his corpse.

6. The Hulk eats Herr Kleiser

Herr Kleiser was a member of the Chitauri, and in one issue, Captain America had realized that the only way to defeat them was to unleash the Hulk. Cap then enrages Incredible Hulk, and the Hulk devours Herr Kleiser.

7. Hulk chews Silver Surfer

When the Silver Surfer had come to Earth for warning the earthlings about Galactus, Hulk gets in on this action. The Zombie Hulk had beheaded the Silver Surfer and then chewed his head.

8. The Hulk eats Magneto

Zombie Hulk is a very terrifying character, and his reign had started when the Hulk had been infected by the Zombie Virus. He had bit Magneto’s leg off and then feasted on his remains.

9. The Ultimate Hulk is a Cannibal

In Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2, when he had been teased for being a Vegan, the Hulk kills all of the co-workers and eats them.

10. The Hulk eats New York City

Here, the Hulk and his Warbound, fresh off the ordeal from Sakaar, got in the Inhuman City on the moon and they had been infected by the Zombie Virus. The Hulk had survived and goes to New York City and was completely taken over by this virus and he starts eating all the NY residents.


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