13 Comic Book Events That Showed Hulk Suffer Violent Deaths


In case you have any degree of understanding about the Marvel Comics, you would know that the Hulk is among the toughest characters around. In fact, most of the readers might not even be able to recall any incident where the Hulk was beaten. Since he is among the most renowned comic book characters, the Hulk is not known to die easily.

That’s why when readers come across a narrative where someone manages to take the Hulk down, it becomes an iconic event. Keeping that in mind, we present to you 13 occasions when the Hulk was beaten.

1. A Realistic Radiation Blast

The Comic story Ruins #1 showed that the gamma burst that had created the Hulk also caused an expanding pile of cancerous growths and shattered bones. The Hulk is not even able to scream out loud in pain as his innards get crushed by these cancers.

2. Hulk suffers terrible indigestion

In the Old Man Logan series, the Hulk eats up Logan and sits back to let his meal be digested, but, Wolverine’s healing power cures him, and he tears open the Hulk’s stomach to emerge out of it.

3. A suitable end to the last surviving superhero from Earth

The series What If? World War Hulk, the hero, is shown to be the last survivor on an extinct planet. He realizes that he has an immortality curse and gets eaten by Galactus.

4. Hulk breaks Hulk’s neck

In Hulk: Future Imperfect #2, two different Hulks battle each other – Hulk and Maestro. The latter snaps Hulk’s neck effortlessly.

5. Who’s the boss?

In The Incredible Hulks #622, Zeus blows Hulk to smithereens, causing Hulk to vomit barrels of green blood from the organs that were ruptured by his shattered ribs and he then instructs his followers to chain Hulk to a giant rock where huge vultures slowly feast on the leftovers.

6. Hawkeye helps a friend by shooting the Hulk

In the Civil War II, Hawkeye pierced Bruce Banner’s head and heart by his arrows and ended Hulk for good.

7. The Red sets a trap

Red came across the green Hulk in Hulk #4, and after breaking his arm, he choked him, knocking him out.

8. Deadpool hacks Hulk to pieces

The series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool stealthily attacks Bruce Banner and hacks him to death taking advantage of him not being in his Hulk form.

9. Nursing a broken heart

The Incredible Hulk #105, after he became the king on planet Sakaar, the Hulk married Caiera and was expecting a child. While they were traveling in the shuttle, it blew up killing Caiera, their yet to be born child, and several loyal subjects.

10. The Hulk suffers a shock

The Incredible Hulk #44,  shows Storm smash the Hulk with such a high voltage that his heart skips a beat.

11. Hulk on a Stick

In Hulk #4, Red Hulk pierced the Hulk’s skull with a trident and hoisted him like some roasted animal on a stick, probably lifeless.

12. Wolverine: an invincible enemy

In What If… #31, a fight ensues between Wolverine and Hulk where the clawed mutant slices Hulk’s throat and drowns him in his own blood.

13. Thirst for blood that could only be satisfied by a child

In Hulk Annual, the green monster takes on the Gladiator, the leader of the Shi’ar Praetorian Guard. The Royal Guard murders a cosmic shape-shifting criminal, who had taken up the form of a child Bruce Banner. The battle that follows ended only when the child Banner spoke up.