What Happened To Iron Man 4? We May Get A New Iron Man Actor After Avengers 4


In case we got a new Iron-Man movie, it can be safe to say that it won’t be Iron-Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. seems to be all set to hand over the MCU leadership to other superheroes who joined the universe after the last Iron-Man movie.

He has been a part of the shared superhero universe for over a decade and played the eccentric, philanthropic, billionaire superhero, Tony Stark, and he has been repeatedly negotiating his salary with Disney since 2013. He also got paid $10 million for his minor role in the Spider-Man: Homecoming. The fact that Robert Downey Jr. has become the embodiment of the Iron-Man has compelled Marvel and DC to pay him his cost.

However, even if the cost issue was not going to stop Robert Downey Jr. from continuing in the MCU, the ongoing narrative might give him his grand exit anyway.

In terms of story, Tony Stark is a weather-beaten veteran. Despite having survived the Thanos’ snap, he is likely to have suffered a major mental impact.

Tony Stark has endured the darkest aspects of his personality when he realized how he has hurt the people he cares about the most. Tony Stark’s assistant and lover, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) might have revealed the possible parenthood storyline for Stark. This leads to more being at stake for Stark while taking a decision to keep going with his superhero career.

Fans also know why Tony Stark continued as a superhero was the painful experience that he had experienced in the first Battle of New York. He has started feeling bogged down with the responsibility of guarding Earth from any such dangers in future. Adding to that pain, he has recently been witness to Peter Parker turning into ash in his arms after he failed to stop the Mad Titan Thanos from using his Infinity Gauntlet. This is one wound that all the wealth of Tony Stark would not be able to cure and Tony was afraid of such a thing happening, right from the start. Tony Stark would need to recover from all of that trauma in case he was to succeed in Avengers 5, and that recovery process might not make a great Iron-Man 4.

Considering everything, it is pretty clear that in case Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t die in Avengers 4, he will still walk away from his superhero duties, and that is the reason why an Iron-Man 4 film won’t be a great idea.


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