Iron Man Gets A Gigantic Suit Upgrade In Latest Marvel Comic Isssue


Among the most prominent and the earliest success stories for Marvel Comics happens to be the Iron-Man. There have been numerous Iron-Man versions, and we have also seen a number of setbacks in the saga of Tony Stark and Iron Man. The character has become prominent I the Marvel comic multiverse alongside other icons such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. That was primarily due to a simple reason, the Iron Man suit. The character exploits the extremely fancied technology. Imagine how would it be if a man could overcome any challenge by using the creative and innovative powers of the brain. What if it was possible to research and build the technologies seen in Marvel’s world to the extent that there no longer remained a worry to bother about the physical limitations of the human body.

How about a man capable of building metal exoskeletons replete with weapons to defeat any risk that might be faced by humanity. That’s what Iron Man is. He is a nature’s creation, a man who controls and creates technology as per his own ideas and does things which are wonderful enough to match the powers of the Gods. He battles life forms far superior to humans, and he defeats them with great accuracy and for the well-being of humans. The Iron Man is what Tony Stark has spent his life on.

In fact, even the mighty armors such as the Thorbuster/Uruarmor or the Hulkbuster were simply the outcome of his genius mind. He has built mind-blowing technology to battle monsters who put our existence under risk.

However, just recently the hero was down. After Civil War II in the Marvel Comic multiverse, Tony Stark fell into a coma, a situation from where it is rare for a man to wake up. Considering such developments, Riri Williams (a young African-American mechanic) took up the Iron-Man mantle.

Apparently, Marvel was willing to further expand on the feminist thoughts or the social justice campaign since they put Riri on the same stage as Iron Man. Despite her predecessor being the Tony Stark, Riri Williams went on to become a mighty force in the Iron-Man comics and the Marvel Comics Multiverse.

That’s when a new enemy called Fish FamFoom (a dragon size lizard who emerged from the sea in a manner similar to Godzilla), and that compelled Tony Stark to return to battle the monster. Not only did he come back we see him use a mega-sized trump card when he put on a skyscraper-sized Iron-Man suit!

This towering Iron-Man Fish FamFoombuster suit is highly impressive and great looking. It had its shock value, but, wasn’t much use since the dragon/lizard tore through it and turned the whole thing into a gigantic mass of scrap. That’s when Tony Stark ejected from the monstrous suit and flew inside the dragon lizard, dragging it down.

Upon entering it, Tony Stark discovered that it was not the weird lizard dragon with a crazy name who was causing all the destruction, rather, the controller (another Iron Man enemy), who had inserted a control disc inside the monster and was controlling it to cause damage.


Iron-Man quickly removed and disabled the control disc and calms down the monster. That ended the rampage by the lizard dragon and brings the New Tony Stark: Iron Man comic to an end as well. While we certainly liked Riri Williams work, it is definitely the stylish Tony Stark whose charm wins the day. His character has a depth that is not usually seen in the comic books and is incredibly well-written. We also witness a fabulous coordination between the various villains of this issue and are able to see what Tony Stark promises to us.

By the looks of it, we are not likely to get one, but, hundreds of new armors, since Stark will customize each suit for a particular eventuality. It is said that Stark has scores of suits ready to take care of varying challenges and the suits will be displayed in the upcoming issues of his comic series. That’s definitely a fascinating turn for the character.


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