You Can Now Get Your Very Own Iron Man Humanoid Robot


In spite of the complexity of industrial limitations and comic book tech, the Iron Man armour has now become a pretty huge standard in robotics. Robert Downey Jr.’s debut in the year, 2008 as the Iron Avenger had heralded a whole new era of automated mechanics, right from movable exoskeletons to lightweight EDF jetpacks to 3D-printed prosthetics.

UBTECH Robotics has now teamed up with Marvel Studios for bringing all the fans the latest in AR technology, and this is a humanoid robot with the functions of a real Iron Man suit.

This has been inspired by the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame equivalent in the Marvel MCU, and the Iron Man MK50 is a walking droid which can code, move around and even battle like Tony Stark. This combines augmented reality with advanced robotics and delivers an authentic Stark experience. This robot has been equipped with dynamic AR technology which can be controlled by an app.

Using a mobile, all the fans can record and also custom audio and upload photos to Iron Man’s heads-up display, and this will replace Downey’s face with ours.

 UBTECH’s advanced robotic technology has introduced three types of programming: Iron Guard, Custom Protocol and Mobile Command.

Mobile Command allows the users to take control of Iron Man MK50’s motors, sound and lights and also select phrases from a recognisable Tony’s voice.

Iron Guard has patrol capabilities, utilising light sensor technology for detecting movement and also responding with audio and light reactions.

Custom Protocol will allow the fans to code their very own one-of-a-kind moves for the MK50 Robot, with and without programming knowledge and pre-established engineering experience.

This system uses a visual drag-and-drop editor and block-based programming to enable all the users create simple Iron Man scripts.

The Iron Man MK50 had been built by UBTECH, which is a leading authority in artificial intelligence and humanoid robotics.

John Rhee, the senior vice president and general manager of UBTECH North America, had said,

“UBTECH is thrilled to collaborate with Marvel to bring the excitement around the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life in the real world with the Iron Man MK50 Robot. The Iron Man MK50 Robot provides an immersive, entertaining, and customizable experience that both casual and hardcore fans alike will find fun and familiar.”

The Iron Man MK50 Robot has been priced at $289 on Amazon and

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26.


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