Iron Man Vs Thor: Will The Man In Big Armor Defeat The God Of Thunder?


There was a brief glimpse of this battle in The Avengers film, and although, Thor had dominated that brief squirmish, Iron-Man had also pulled his weight. Sadly, Thor wasn’t a part of the Civil War, and this question wasn’t answered in Avengers: Infinity War either.

In fact, we won’t even get an answer in Avengers 4 as well. Therefore, the only way to find out is to make these two take on each other, ourselves. Although, this battle might be of gigantic proportions if ever shown in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, let us go ahead and evaluate how these two stack up against each other and who will win if they ever battled.

Iron Man

Tony Stark used to be a renowned arms maker before he became Iron-Man. He is the second richest superhero in the universe. His intellect is superb, and he is well-versed in science and engineering, a talent which enabled him to create the Iron-Man suit which has superhuman strength and endurance, supersonic flight, energy repulsor and missile projection as well as Regenerative Life Support.

He has built scores of suits with varying unique and mind-boggling capabilities. His suits allow him to do various things and each variant has different powers. One of them can keep him alive in space and hyperspace while another can keep him going deep underwater.

Everybody is familiar with the power of Hulk-buster, and he also has a stealth armor which makes him vanish from any kind of radar. The strongest armor created by Tony Stark is the Extremis armor which was upgraded to Bleeding Edge armor (Avengers: Infinity War), and this armor fits inside his body at all times, to be deployed upon Tony’s command.

Thor Odinson

The son of Odin is the current ruler of Asgard (although the planet no longer exists after Thor: Ragnarok), and the protector of 9 realms who used to possess a magical hammer named Mjolnir which allowed him to control thunder, lightning and gave him flight. Thor is the only person who was considered worthy of being able to pick up the mighty hammer.

Even in the absence of the Mjolnir, Thor has the powers such as superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and longevity. He can also summon thunder without the hammer now. Therefore, Thor will be a really challenging rival for anyone. Thor also has a magic belt which gives him a number of mystical powers which make him stronger.

Iron Man vs. Thor: Death Battle

The simplest answer would have been to say that Thor is an Immortal God and Tony  Stark is just a normal human. However, Stark’s intelligence is superior to probably everyone else. He is the creator who builds technology that can face any challenge ever faced by him. He has a variety of suits as mentioned above and he might be able to deploy all his suits in one go against Thor. Despite being a God, he might not be able to control a fight where he would be massively outnumbered by Iron-Men.

Also, Thor’s thunder attacks will not help him as the Iron-Man suits will, in fact, get charged by the lightning bolts. Thor’s only chance of beating the Iron-Man would be to get close to the suits as he is strong enough to destroy them with his bare hands. Also, as we mentioned the lightning bolts will charge the suits, but, too much of lightning might blow them up as they can only withstand a certain amount of charge.

There have been numerous fights between Thor and Iron-Man in comic books. At one time, Iron-Man even built a Thor Buster suit which was fabricated from the same metal that was used to make Mjolnir. That’s the only occasion when they had a close fight, or else Thor has always been the winner. No matter how many suits Iron-Man hurls at Thor, their limitations are outperformed by Thor’s Godly powers. Therefore, our verdict is:

Thor will win the battle!


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