IronHeart: Riri Williams Set To Debut In Marvel Rising Special


This special focuses on a college student Riri Williams who is voiced by Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack), and she is driven into action after her best friend is abducted by a Kree called Hala The Accuser. Riri is inspired by Tony Stark, and she builds her own suit of armor and bursts into action as Ironheart.

 “I feel so honored to be a part of the Marvel family,” Wylie mentioned in a statement, “but more importantly I’m excited to join a cast of diverse, strong, intelligent women! I can’t wait for fans to see my character and to see a little of themselves in this powerful young woman.”

There are two Marvel Rising animated specials under works right now, and this is one of them. The other is titled Chasing Ghosts, which is about Ghost-Rider as she puts together a team to assist her in her efforts to bring down the evil duo of Sheath and Exile.

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The Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is based on young Marvel heroes who join hands to try and save the world. The team, which comprises of Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America Chavez, Inferno, Patriot and Quake, helps Captain Marvel in the battle against Kree when they attack Earth.

Riri debuted in the Marvel Comics in 2016, and she took over the mantle of Iron-Man when the Civil War II saw Tony Stark lapse into a coma. She became among the most famous new characters of Marvel, joined the Champions and upgraded her suit after she ran into Thanos during a mission with her team. This suit is going to be her main look in the upcoming animated special.

The cast of Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron includes Sofia Wylie, Ming-Na Wen, Kim Raver Dove Cameron, Tyler Posey, Chloe Bennet, Cierra Ramirez, Milana Vayntrub, Kathreen Khavari, Kamil McFadden, Dee Bradley Baker, Mick Wingert and Melanie Minichino.


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