Batman Vs Iron Man : Here’s Why Iron Man Will Always Beat Batman


The fans of both Marvel and DC have their own favorite superheroes that they love to pit against the rivals. The two most iconic superheroes from Marvel and DC are Iron-Man and Batman respectively. They are both billionaires with sprawling business empires and a playboy lifestyle, but, their origin stories are vastly different. While Iron-Man joined The Avengers because he felt that it is cool to save the world, Batman is in a crusade against the criminals of Gotham.

Iron-Man is funny and spontaneous, whereas Batman is serious and methodical. There is often a perception about Iron-Man being an over-confident and unpredictable person who is not as smart as Batman who always prepares before taking on new enemies. In Batman v Superman, he nearly took out the Superman, but, we must not forget that Iron-Man doesn’t use Kryptonite. Here we present to you seven reasons that prove why Iron-Man will always defeat Batman whenever these two face off.

Iron Man is capable of multi-tasking

Courtesy of his Mark 42 armor, Iron-Man simultaneously followed the track of Pepper and President, in Iron-Man 3. Batman would have to find a sidekick to do such a thing. He won’t be able to prepare for anything when a crisis comes up.

Iron Man has enhanced healing

It was shown in the Extremis comic book series that Iron-Man was able to recuperate from any injury by accessing the repair center of his brain for enhanced healing. In fact, he was able to regrow organs if needed and that’s not something Batman can do.

Iron Man can fly

Iron Man can fly like a bird, but, Batman has to rely on vehicles to fly and that too not as fast as Iron-Man.

Iron Man can visit the space

In The Avengers, Iron-Man saved the world by carrying a nuclear missile far from Earth, and he has the power to travel into deep space as witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War, but, Batman would probably need years of preparation to do that sort of thing.

Iron Man is cool being a hero

Tony Stark relishes and flaunts his superhero persona whereas Bruce Wayne is secretive about his alter-ego. This might go against the Dark Knight, and Iron-Man could also leverage this fact to his benefit.

Iron Man is spontaneous

Iron-Man can adapt and change plans on the go, whereas Batman always has a deeply researched action plan. If things go wrong, Batman will not find it easy to recover as demonstrated in Dark Knight Rises when Bane took him down.

Iron Man is a master hacker

Being an MIT graduate with a genius brain ensures that Tony can hack anything. Batman is also not a novice with technology, but, he is not at par with the expertise of Iron-Man who has created AIs and new elements. Iron-Man can prove that Batman’s tech is obsolete.


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