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The death of the actress, Jean Harlow had remained puzzled. The actual reason for her death is still cannot be identified. The actress fell ill at the set of Saratoga in May 1937 and but her doctor couldn’t identify any seriousness in her body. After then, her condition wasn’t getting improved and in June of that year, she suffered from influenza. Then, a doctor examined that she was suffering from the final stage of kidney failure. On 6th June in 1937, she got hospitalized as she couldn’t see clearly and the next day, she died in the hospital and the cause of her death was given as cerebral edema, a complication of kidney failure. But several rumors were circulated about her death.

The actress started her acting career while dropping one of her friends at the Fox studio. She was approached by Fox executive to give an audition but she was not interested in acting then. Later, she agreed and she was cast in her first film, Honor Bound in 1928. In 1929, she appeared in Bacon Grabbers. She landed her first speaking role in 1929 in the film, The Saturday Night Kid. After that, she signed a contract with Howard Hughes and cast her in Hell’s Angels in 1930 that became the highest-grossing film in the year. In 1931, she appeared in Platinum Blonde and she was greatly praised for her performance. Later, she was signed with MGM and delivered several hit films. She was cast in the film, Red Dust which became very successful financially. In 1937, she signed her final film, Saratoga with MGM but she died during the shooting of the film. Later, the film was released by using her body double and it became the second highest-grossing film in the year. Some of her films are The Love Parade, City Lights, Scarface, Suzy, China Seas, and many more.

She was born on 3rd March in 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri, the U.S. Her parents were Mont Clair Carpenter and Jean Poe Carpenter. She had gone through three failed marriages. She married her first husband, Charles McGrew while attending the school and she was underage at that time.

She was honored with the Star on the Walk of Fame in 1960.

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Jean Harlow cleavage pic

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Jean Harlow sexy legs pic

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