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46 Jean Peters Sexy pictures Reveal Her Lofty And Attractive Physique

46 Jean Peters Sexy pictures Reveal Her Lofty And Attractive Physique

American beauty Jean Elizabeth Peters flashed across the screen as a bright star during her relatively brief term in Hollywood. After just seven years under contract to 20th Century-Fox (1947-54), she enlisted in the reclusive lifestyle of her eccentric billionaire husband, Howard Hughes, and all but vanished from public view.

Peters was born in Canton, Ohio, in October of 1926. Her father died when she was just ten years old. Her mother owned a tourist camp on the outskirts of town and there was enough money around to send Jean to college. She earned the latter part of her tertiary education at Ohio State University and graduated with a diploma allowing her as an English teacher. A campus popularity contest she gained ended her plans as an English teacher because it came with a trip to Hollywood and a screen test. In short order, Miss Ohio State University was offered a seven-year contract at 20th Century-Fox with a starting salary of $150 a week.
Jean came to the notoriety of Howard Hughes. She discreetly dated him for the remainder of the decade and continued to live a modest lifestyle, rarely seen in public and eschewing the Hollywood nightlife and parties. A confessed tomboy, she rarely wore make-up in private and best to dress in jeans rather than glamorous gowns. After relative success in her second characteristic, Deep Waters in 1948, she became increasingly unhappy with the prudish characters she was assigned in her subsequent efforts. She backed to farm life in Ohio but was back in New York in 1951 to be screen-tested by Elia Kazan for the epic biopic of Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata in Viva Zapata in 1952.
Fox wisely shot Jean during the next few years for similarly unglamorous outdoor characters, including Anne of the Indies, Lure of the Wilderness, Pickup on South Street, Apache. She got good notices in all of these films and was now acknowledged as a major star. As a result, she was cast in the prestigious film noir Niagara in 1953, Broken Lance in 1954.

When her relationship to Hughes ended in June 1971, the actress settled for the relatively modest sum of $70,000 a year and happily relinquished any further claims on the estate. That same year she got wedded for the third time, to 20th Century-Fox vice-president Stanley Hough. Her screen career was briefly resuscitated when she was cast in the short series Arthur Hailey’s the Moneychangers in 1976 and she was last seen in 1984 an episode of Murder, She Wrote. Jean died of leukemia on October 13, 2000, in Carlsbad, California two days before her 74th birthday.

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Jean Peters smile
Jean Peters smile

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Jean Peters awesome
Jean Peters awesome

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