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18 Jenny Winkler Sexy Pictures Exhibit That She Is As Hot As Anybody May Envision

18 Jenny Winkler Sexy Pictures Exhibit That She Is As Hot As Anybody May Envision

The German actress who is best known for her role as Nathalie von Lahnstein in the soap opera, Verbotene Liebe is none other than Jenny Winkler.

She was born on 13th May in 1979 in Hanau, Germany. She studied acting at the Actors Company, Aschaffenburg from 1999-2002. She was trained to be an employee in the bank.

After completing her study, she started taking training in New York City and after that, she got a major role in the production of Funf im gleichen Kleid. Afterward, she appeared in several theatre productions like Bezaubernde Biester, Treue oder der Hochzeitstag, and Passion- Das neue Testament and short films including Philine & Phyllis. Later, she was cast as Shira in the television film, Famous like the moon in 2004. Winkler got her fame for appearing as Nathalie von Lahnstein in the series Verbotene Liebe. She represented a girl who suffered abuse in her marriage, lost her child and became an alcoholic who became the victim for attempting murder. She was attached to the series from 2004-2010. She created one of the most supported couples on the show along with her co-star and on-screen lover Wolfram Grandezka who played the role of Ansgar von Lahnstein in the series.In 2004, Winkler was featured in the music video, Additude- Short Time Lover. She appeared as Nina Behrens in the television series, You Save Your Life in 2008. She also appeared as Mrs. Hessler in the series, Alarm for Cobra 11- the highway police in 2010. That year, she starred in the film Takiye: Allah yolunda as the television reporter Jutta Linsen but her name in the series remained uncredited. She appeared as herself in the television series, Landesschau in 2012.

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Jenny Winkler cleavage pic
Jenny Winkler cleavage pic

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Jenny Winkler hot look pic
Jenny Winkler hot look pic


Jenny Winkler sexy pic


Jenny Winkler sexy look pic


Jenny Winkler hot smile pic


Jenny Winkler hot pic

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Jenny Winkler hot look


Jenny Winkler awesomne pic




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