Jeremy Renner To Star In The Hawkeye Series Which Is In Development With Disney+


A lot of famous and popular characters from the Marvel universe are now getting their very own TV series on the all-new upcoming streaming service, Disney+, and now it has been revealed that one more Avenger is set to get his very own TV series-Clint Barton/ Hawkeye.

Variety had broken this news on Wednesday morning and had reported that Disney+ is developing a series about Hawkeye in addition to their projects based on Loki and Scarlet Witch. The actor, Jeremy Renner, who plays the role of Hawkeye in the MCU, will be reprising his role in the series. However, he will not be the only Hawkeye who will make an appearance on this show.

The series will be based on the Hawkeye comic books where Clint Barton passes on the mantle to Kate Bishop. It will surely be an adventure series and will follow Kate’s training and journey to becoming the next Hawkeye, and this will allow Barton to officially put down the bow and arrow.

This series is set to be a limited one for Disney+, much like all the other shows which will be based on MCU characters. While we might not have a lot of episodes, these are the first few shows that will tie into the events of the MCU. So, the set up of the character, Kate Bishop will carry over into the Avengers franchise, and will also allow her to take up Clint’s place in the MCU.


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