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Born on November 8, 1988, Jessica Lowndes is a Canadian actress and singer-songwriter born in Vancouver, British Columbia and she attended Pacific Academy  in Surrey. She was raised in Vancouver and attended private school initially but then she realized it didn’t suit her. Right from an early  age, she had her heart set on singing and acting. She grew up in a household where her mother used to teach piano and her father was the teenage record holder for running across Canada. Lowndes believed that accomplishing her goal and making her dreams come true was something within her reach.

As a young girl, she was always found singing and dancing, but, she finally earned her first major acting opportunity during her high school days. She also used to produce her own music from a tender age. During the summer before high school senior year, she had worked on a Showtime project and she  immediately figured out that being on-screen was something she had to do. During that project, she met various people from Los Angeles and got representation in the entertainment industry. Once she experienced how it was to have a real production role, she informed her parents about not wanting to go back to high school, rather, going to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Her parents were supportive of her decision and she was 16 when she moved to LA and started her career. She debuted as an actress in a 2005 television film Saving Milly as Andrea Kondracke when she was 16.

In the year 2010, she appeared in a Canadian horror film Altitude. BuddyTV ranked her #58 on its TV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2011 list. In the year 2012, she was cast in The Devil’s Carnival, a short musical film which was screened on tour. She co-starred with Bruce Willis and John Cusack in Lionsgate action film The Prince (2014). In the following year, she was cast in a Lifetime dramatic-thriller comedy film A Deadly Adoption alongside Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. In 2016, Lowndes played a starring role in Hallmark’s A December Bride with Daniel Lissing. People magazine included Lowndes on its list of World’s Most Beautiful People of 2009, along with her co-stars from the series 90210.

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