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The Swedish actress, Josephine Bornebusch was born on 12th September in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden. She is the daughter of production designer Cecilia Bornebusch and Per Langoe.

She made her debut at the age of 2 in the film, Modern People in 1983. In 1999, she appeared in the film, New Lies. In 2000m she appeared in the film, White Water Fury alongside Alexander Skarsgard.  She also was cast in the film, The Dog Trick. She lent her voice in the film, Kung Fu Panda in 2002. Afterward, she appeared in several films like Kenny Begins, Scenes from a Celebrity, So Different, Who is Searching, Prime Time, Small Lemons Yellow, The Raspberry Boat Refugee, and the others. She made her television debut in the television series Rederiet in 1999 for which she became famous. She also got fame for appearing in the television comedy series, Playa del Sol from 2007-2009. She also got fame for portraying the role of Mickan in the television series, Solsidan. She wrote, produced and starred in the television series, Welcome to Sweden that was broadcast in Sweden and the United States but the series got canceled in 2015. Her other television series are The Shipping Company, Paragraph 9, The Elephant Princess, Love Me,  and so on. She also became the regular host of the Sweden version of Saturday Night Live, Fredag Hela Veckan. In 2011, she released her debut single, I’m So Happy along with Salem Al Fakir.

In 2010, she got married to Erik Zetterberg with whom she has two children.

Though she hasn’t won any awards, she has been nominated for the Golden Nymph Award, Kristalllen Award, ELEMENTS +6 Award, etc.

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