61 Jourdan Sherise Dunn Sexy Pictures Are Hot As Hellfire

61 Jourdan Sherise Dunn Sexy Pictures Are Hot As Hellfire

English supermodel and actress Jourdan Sherise Dunn declared that she is committed to her ‘life partner’ Dion Hamilton last week. Last Saturday Jourdan Dunn began to swank her bright diamond ring as she arrived in attitude at the glitzy Molly Goddard showcase, during London Fashion Week at Central Hall Westminster.

3rd August 1990 born Jourdan Dunn was found out in Hammersmith Primark in 2006 and approved to Storm Management in London shortly thereafter. She started appearing on international ramps in early 2007. At the just age of 16, she made her ramp debut in the New York shows in the autumn of 2007, walking in shows for Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, among others. In the year 2008 February, she was the first dark-skinned model to walk a Prada runway in over a decade. Also in the same year, Steven Meisel appointed Dunn to appear the lid of the Vogue Italia issue dedicated entirely to black models. Dunn has also been starred on the cover of British Vogue, American Vogue,  Vogue Turkey, Vogue Japan, Vogue Brazil, and Miss Vogue, Vogue Girl Korea, Glamour Magazine, W Magazine UK, Elle France, South Africa, Manifesto, Fashion Magazine Canada, Pop, Russh, Muse, The Sunday Times Style, Ponystep, Antidote, Luella.

She proceeded to model until she was six months pregnant and couldn’t fit into any of the costumes, significantly walking the catwalk for the Spring 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier show, with a baby bump. At the age of just 19, ten weeks after giving birth, she backed to the ramp at London Fashion Week for the Winter 2010 season. For returning to work so shortly, she said her enthusiasm was her son.

In the year 2014, April it was declared that Dunn was approved as the new face of Maybelline New York. As of July 2014, she has confirmed an icon by models. Com also in the same year, Forbes named Dunn in their top-earning models list, estimated to have earned $US4 million in one year. In November 2015, she earned Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, for the second time. Jourdan occurred in 2012, 2013 and 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Dunn is contemplated to be one of this generation’s supermodels.

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