61 Judy Landers Sexy Pictures Are Incredibly Excellent

61 Judy Landers Sexy Pictures Are Incredibly Excellent

The American film and television actress Judy Landers was born as Judy Hamburg on 7th October 1958.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Judy starred and made guest arrivals in many television series, comprising Happy Days, The Love Boat, B.J.and the Bear, Vega$, Buck Rogers in the 25th century, The Fall Guy, Night Court, Madame’s Place, Murder She Wrote, The Jeffersons, ALF, Charlie’s Angels. She seemed exactly twice in each of the original knight Rider in 1982, 1985, and The A-Team in 1985, but as completely distinct characters with different storylines. Between 1978 and 1981, she occurred many times on Match Game. Judy has also had film characters, including The Black Marble, Hellhole, Goldie, and the Boxer, Armed and Dangerous, Club Fed, Stewardess School, Doin’ Time and The Divine Enforcer. Judy and her sister Audrey were starred on the cover of the January 1983 edition of Playboy magazine and in a non-nude pictorial. She has often worked with Audrey, comprising collaborating with her on the children’s show The Huggabug Club and The Treehouse Club. Together with their mother Ruth, they own and operate Landers Productions and produced the family movie Circus Island in 2006.

Judy has been wedded to former Major League Baseball pitcher Tom Niedenfuer since November 1987. Together they have two daughters.

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