21 Hottest Juice Boxx Pictures You Just Can’t Lay Your Eyes Off


The Canadian drag performer, Jo Primeau, better known by her stage name “Juice Boxx,” is sultry and sexy with her loud drag queen makeup. He is originally a very handsome man with a great physique but loves to dress up as a gorgeous lady.

As a drag queen, she loves to be recognized as a woman who loves big colorful wigs, bold makeup, and vibrant and shiny clothing. Jo rose to fame after being cast in the first season of “Canada’s Drag Race” (the Canadian version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

1. Juice Boxx Hot Pics

Juice Boxx Hot Pics
Juice Boxx Hot Pics

Primeau was born in Windsor and raised in Essex. He graduated with a degree in Visual arts and a diploma in makeup artistry and Special effects. She started performing in Toronto in 2016 and appeared as Baby Spice on the drag show “Spice Queens Live.” According to view, it is a movement to spread awareness post the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016.

2. Juice Boxx Sexy Bikini Pics

Juice Boxx Sexy Pics
Juice Boxx Sexy Pics

In 2018, she gave a surprise to her friends Jonny Cooper and Jon Tuttle by performing at their wedding in Muskoka. She performed at a drag event in Vancouver, British Columbia, called “It’s Just Drag” in January 2020. On July 2, 2020, she performed in the first episode of “Canada’s Drag Race” but got a panic attack resulting in her elimination in the first round itself and thus got the name “Porkchop of Canada.”

3. Juice Boxx Hot Pics 2022

Jo featured in another famous drag queen, Priyanka’s “Cake,” in May 2021 and performed at a new drag event in Guelph, Ontario, called “Drag Starz” at the Manor in July 2021. In March 2021, she started an online video streaming service, a Twitch account, and started playing different games there.


Jo is known for her hair and makeup styling in various projects like “The Seventh Art” (Tv series 2012), “The Game” (short 2012), “Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library” (movie 2012), “Rishi’s World” (short 2012), “Out With Dad” (Tv series 2013), “The Scarehouse” (2014), “Waack Revolt: A Dance Film” (short 2013), “Millions” (Tv series 2015), and “The Film Student Movie” (2015).


The young artist is very talented and living the life of his dreams. She deserves more opportunities in the Drag race world. We are looking forward to see her back in the next seasons of “Canada’s Drag Race” and other exciting reality shows and movies.


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