Eli Snyder Gives Hope To DC Fans That ‘Justice League’ Director’s Cut May Be Released


All the fans of DC Comics have now accepted that Zack Snyder’s original version of the DCEU movie, Justice League would never ever see the light of day, as he had left this project before enough footage was shot. In spite of this, Zack Snyder’s son, Eli had promised a fan that “good things” are coming our way and this has built a lot of hope that Snyder’s vision may find a way into the limelight.

Zack’s son had replied to a fan who had sent him a message him on Twitter about supporting the director’s cut and said:

“Total optimism. Good things are coming soon.”

When someone had posted this screenshot, Zack Snyder himself had liked this post. The exchange may be interpreted in many ways, with the “optimism” reference being the most important takeaway.

Most of the Snyder fans would surely enjoy and love to see his vision of the movie hit the silver screen, although they will accept any sort of home video release that is similar to the R-rated cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which had been available on select editions of the movie.


The DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros. have shifted their focus to the future of this franchise, and the studio had put as much distance between this franchise and Justice League.

Another detail about Eli Snyder’s message is that he had not explicitly said that any type of Snyder Cut would be released as a movie, although his comments can be interpreted to mean that all the fans who want the original vision may be appeased with something in the future.


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