61 Katja Herbers Sexy Pictures Are Hot As Hellfire

61 Katja Herbers Sexy Pictures Are Hot As Hellfire

Dutch actress Katja Mira Herbers is the daughter of oboist Werner Herbers and Violinist Vera Beths. She was born on 19th October 1980 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Katja went to the Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam. She studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam. During her psychology surveys, she attended the local theatre school De Trap. She shifted to New York and went to the HB Studio. She then got approved to the Theater School in Amsterdam.

During her studies, she featured in the films Brush with Fate and Peter Bell. After graduation, she became a member of Johan Simons’ Theater Company NTGent in Ghent. In the year 2013, she gained the Guido de Moor Award for young talent, for her characterization of Irina in Chekhov’s Three Sisters. She portrayed a crucial character in The Boermans’ The Chosen, which earned an International Emmy and the prestigious Prix D’Europe.

Katja is also a talented singer and has accomplished In Wunderschönen Monat Mai – a composition motivated by the legendary Schubert and Schumann songs by Reinbert de Leeuw especially written for an actress.

While accomplishing many successes on stage, she proceeded to film as well. She worked with the Oscar-Nominated and International Emmy Awarded Director Been Sombogaart on the Dutch blockbuster characteristic film The Storm in 2009. Critics yelled about her portrayal of the Dutch Queen Maxima in the short-series Beatrix, Oranje under Vuur. She also appeared in the feature film Suskind in 2012, in which she portrayed the right hand of Dutch war hero Walter Süskind, who assisted escape over a thousand children during World War II. She occurred in the romantic comedy Weg van jou in 2017, directed by Jelle de Jonge which she also co-wrote.

All of Holland remembers her for her portrayal of the emotionally hazardous but lovable Joyce in the TV hit series Divorce, which glues a record-breaking 25% of all Dutch television viewers to the screen every Sunday evening.

Internationally, Katja is recognized for portraying physicist Helen Prins on Sam Shaw’s Manhattan. She had a repeated character on season three of FX’s The Americans. She acted Dr. Eden on the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers and featured in Manhunt.

In the year 2018, she enlisted HBO’s Westworld as Grace/Emily.

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