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She once defended Arnold Schwarzenegger to Los Angeles Times publication that claimed that he groped women in 2003. Wayborn supported him at that moment saying she had known him for 20 years and he never groped her and she will also vote him at political office. Once, she also suffered from broken toes during filming an act for the film, Octopussy in which she was shown to beat up several villains Kamal Khan’s guards and she was showing surprising agility and martial arts.

She became very famous for the James Bond Film, Octopussy in which she played the role of Magda. The producers of the film selected her after seeing her acting skill in the television film, The Silent Lovers in 1980 in which she portrayed the role of screen legend Greta Garbo. After that in 1985, she also appeared in the television film, Hostage Flight. In 2004, she was cast as Sorceress in the film, Forbidden Warrior. In 2010, she also was cast in the horror film, The Frankenstein Syndrome. In 1982, she first appeared on television with the television series, The Love Boat in the role of Anna Petrovska. In 1963, she appeared as Dr. Greta Ingstrom in the series General Hospital. She also appeared as Lena in the series Baywatch in 1993. She was cast in the Swedish television series, Vanner och Fiender that was one of the longest-running series in Sweden. She was attached to this series from 1996-2000. Her other television series are That 70s Show, Dangerous Curves, Designing Women, MacGyver, Dallas, Airwolf, etc.

She was born on 24th September in 1950 in Nybro, Smaland. In 1970, she became Miss Sweden. That year, she also participated in the Miss Universe pageant but didn’t win. She finished the competition being a semi-finalist. The following year, she was selected as Miss Scandinavia.

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Kristina Wayborn sexy cleavage
Kristina Wayborn sexy cleavage

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Kristina Wayborn sexy navel pic
Kristina Wayborn sexy navel pic

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