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In 1991, cocaine was found while police were raiding at Antonelli’s home and then, she was convicted of possession and sentenced to house arrest. She appealed for 10 years for the conviction but that was overturned.

This Italian film actress took born on 28th November in 1941 in Pula, Kingdom of Italy. After that, her family moved to Yugoslavia where they lived in the refugee camps and gradually, they settled in Naples. She had a keen interest in mathematics but she became proficient at gymnastics as a teenager. She also graduated as a gymnastics instructor. She then served as a gymnastics teacher in Paris where she found contacts for her modeling jobs.

Initially, she appeared in Italian advertisements for Coca-Cola. In 1965, she first appeared in the feature film, Le sedicenni. The following year, she made her debut in American film, Dr. Goldfoot, and the Girl Bombs. She became famous for starring in the film, Malizia in 1973 for which she won an award. In 1977, she played a repressed wife who experiences a sexual awakening in the film, Wifemistress. In 1991, she appeared in the sequel Malizia 2000. Her other films are Detective Bells, Venus in Furs, Without Apparent Motive, 16 Years Olds, Malicious, Black Journal, Chaste and Pure, Roba da ricchi, The Venetian Woman, and many more. She also appeared in sex farces like Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso or Till Marriage Do Us Part. In 1988, she appeared in the television miniseries Gli indifferenti in which she played the role of Lisa and the following year, she portrayed Carmen Milkovich in the miniseries, Disperatamente Giulia.

She was married to the publisher, Enrico Piacentini but they later divorced. She was in a relationship with the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo from 1972-1980.

On 22nd June in 2015, she died from a heart attack.

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