61 LDShadowLady Sexy Pictures Exhibit That She Is As Hot As Anybody May Envision

61 LDShadowLady Sexy Pictures Exhibit That She Is As Hot As Anybody May Envision

Elizabeth D was born on 7th October 1992. She is well- known as LDShadowLady. She is also known as Lizzie. Elizabeth is a British YouTube Gamer, prominent for her Minecraft gameplay. She is better known for her Minecraft single-player series, Shadowcraft and Shadowcraft 2.0, and her anomalous sense of humor. She fiddles different games with her husband SmallishBeans.In the year 2012, she set a female gaming group called the Pixel Pact. The Pixel Pact consists of MittyMoxx, Yammy, Vengelfe NyanStrike, Eleanora and herself as well as affiliate members: LaurenzSide, and Kaleido. She also has a younger sister Microglitch. Elizabeth became engaged to her long-term boyfriend Joel in November of 2017. She and Joel wedded on 11th May 2019.

Lizzie began her YouTube channel in 2010 with the username LDShadowLady. She selected this name because it was her XBOX Gamertag at the time. She is often asked how she got her username; the LD in her username stands for her initials ‘Lizzie D’. Lizzie has formerly remembered that her username was inspired by her favorite YouTuber of the time ‘NDTitanLady’. The initial uploads on the LDShadowLady channel are clips from Call of Duty games. When Lizzie started the channel she aimed at to become a Call of Duty YouTuber, making writings over gameplay videos and montages of her best gameplay moments. LDShadowLady posted several Call of Duty videos and reached 300 subscribers after a couple of months. A bunch of Lizzie’s old videos is now private or uncataloged. Nevertheless, some can still be viewed through the playlists she created.

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LDShadowLady hot pics
LDShadowLady hot pics

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LDShadowLady sexy pics
LDShadowLady sexy pics

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