This Live-Action Version Of ‘Street Sharks’ Will Get You All Nostalgic


The ’90s had been a very weird time for all the animation fans, as many cartoons had focused on a random combination of adjectives and also animals and they wanted to capture the success as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One such series had been Street Sharks. Now, the digital artist, George Evangelista had conceptualised how this series may look if it had come to life in a film.


Evangelista had shared his concept, and captioned it,

“To be honest, I only know a little about this show as I was really into TMNT during this time, but there was a few requests for this one. So here is Ripster from Street Sharks. Don’t worry I’m consistently looking into the comments for the suggestions and will try to get as much as I can.”

For comparison, here is how the character had looked in the cartoon.

The series was not known for its ground-breaking animation, so it may appear like Evangelista had covered all the necessary elements of the character. Shark teeth, pants and body. The smoky explosions in the background make this image seem like it comes from the set of a Michael Bay movie.

The very concept of this series had detailed that two professors who had created a “gene-slammer,” which had allowed aquatic animals to venture onto the land due to the combination of their DNA with humans.

Street Sharks had lasted for 40 episodes, and the final instalments had been crossovers with the Dino Vengers.