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61 Lyubov Orlova Sexy Pictures Demonstrate That She Is A Gifted Individual

61 Lyubov Orlova Sexy Pictures Demonstrate That She Is A Gifted Individual

Lyubov Orlova was a Russian film celebrity of the 1930s who enjoyed the sympathy of Joseph Stalin.
She was born as Lyubov Petrovna Orlova on 29th January 1902 in Zvenigorod, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. Through her parents, Lyubov was a descendant from the old Russian noble family of Prince Orlov and was also relevant to Count Leo Tolstoy, for whom she sang along with the popular Russian basso Feodor Chaliapin Sr. in 1909. From 1919 to 1922 she studied piano and singing, at the Moscow Conservatory, but she did not graduate. From 1922-1926, Lyubov studied dancing and choreography at the Moscow Theatre College.

In the year 1926, she wedded Andrei Berezin, a prominent Soviet opposition politician. He was arrested in 1930, and was arrested for many years; this tragedy caused Orlova a severe depression and she had problems with alcohol. She was seen on stage by many influential people in Moscow. Before she met director Grigoriy Aleksandrov, she had other relationships post losing her husband. He was staring for an actress to co-star opposite Leonid Utyosov in Moscow laughs. The film evolved a big success in the 30s Soviet Union. She became Aleksandrov’s mistress. Ultimately, Aleksandrov divorced from his wife and wedded Orlova, who became the leading star of the Soviet film industry before the Second World War. Joseph Stalin liked Orlova very much and promoted her to the crown of Honorable Actress of the Russian Federation in January of 1935.

Stalin earned Orlova the regular guest at his lavish drinking parties in Moscow. She evolved addicted to alcohol and was harshly criticized by the official paper Sovetskoe Iskusstvo. Director Aleksandrov managed to protect his wife from her alcohol addiction by threatening to abort her film career. Her films Tsirk, Volga-Volga, and Svetly Put were hugely profitable. For her prominent characters in Volga-Volga and Svetly Put Orlova was privately awarded by Joseph Stalin with the State Stalin Prize.

Orlova was known to be immune from gossips and rumors. She was also known as a loyal wife to Aleksandrov. Though she worked mainly in his films, she also periodically worked in films made by other directors. She was never allowed by her director-husband Aleksandrov to be kissed in a film, with one anomaly made for actor Andrey Tutyshkin in Volga-Volga.
Her work with Aleksandrov, such as in Russki souvenir, was a flop. Her final stage performance was in Leningrad, in 1963, after that she was not seen on stage.  In the year 1973, her ultimate film with Aleksandrov, Skvorets I Lira, was not released upon Orlova’s insistence because she was surprised with her looks in the film.

Lyubov Orlova was the first Russian film celebrity to use plastic surgeries in her later years. She died of pancreatic cancer on 26th January 1975, and three days later, on her 73rd birthday.

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Lyubov Orlova (12)
Lyubov Orlova (12)

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Lyubov Orlova cleavage
Lyubov Orlova cleavage

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