61 Madeline Smith Sexy Pictures Are Excessively Damn Engaging

61 Madeline Smith Sexy Pictures Are Excessively Damn Engaging

She has been a former Bond-girl and even at the age of 70, she is ever so graceful. She was recently in the news for hosting the screening session of The Vampire Lovers for a Q&A session. This is to mark the 50th anniversary of this famous horror movie and there would also be a premiere for the same at London’s Regent Cinema. Madeline Smith was the central character in the movie back in the day and she will be the perfect host for the occasion.

Madeline Smith was born in the year 1949 on the 2nd of August. She was a model during the late 1960s and she has been a part of several performances which include horror films, comedies and even some stage productions. She was born in Hartfield in Sussex in England. Her career spanned for a long time from the year 1967 to 2011.

Madeline Smith was married to David Buck whom she married in the year 1989. Their marriage was happy and blissful till his sad demise and the couple even had a child together.

She had her taste of first major work when she was a part of the movie called Taste the Blood of Dracula. She impressed with her very first performance and soon she was regarded as one of the best talents. Her list of other important movies includes the likes of The Vampire Lovers, The Amazing Mr Blunden, Up the Front, and Up Pompei. She was also involved with movies like Theatre of Blood, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, etc.

One of her most iconic appearances was as the Bond-girl in the famous movie titled Live and Let Die where Roger Moore played James Bond. Some of her important works on television include The End of the Pier Show, In the Looking Glass, The Persuaders, and many others.

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Madeline Smith sexy picture
Madeline Smith sexy picture

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Madeline Smith hot pictures
Madeline Smith hot pictures

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