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Maja Salvador remained to be a phenomenon in the Filipino entertainment industry – brilliant on-screen actress, majestic vocalist, magnificent dancer, magnetic stage-performer, writer and producer – a true multi-talent. Her recent personal story- reunion with boyfriend Rambo Nunez after nine years made a refreshing buzz in the digital world.

1988 born Maja Salvador belonged to a family of Filipino actors. She remained 17th (2007) and 15th (2017) in the list of FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women.

Salvador’s good-look brought her regular supporting roles in a few of the block-blaster TV ventures and silver-screen projects between 2003 to 2006. The lead role in Television series and second feature film put her to stardom in 2007. She became an iconic figure after her performance in TV series Nagsimula sa Puso and May Bukas Pa in 2009. 2009 onwards her portrayal of numerous critical roles both in TV & films raised her popularity beyond the Philippine. The controversy with film 24/7 in Love and the TV series The Legal Wife spiced up her growing popularity. Uniquely, her music albums, Believe and Maja in Love stood top of the chart in 2014-2015.  Dance Princess, Maja had mesmerized the audience with her intense stage-concert- MAJ: The Legal Performer, Majasty and Only Maja. Falling into You was her latest single released in 2018.

Salvador became instrumental for the PETA campaign. For this campaign, a solitary captive elephant of Manila Zoo, Mali, was shifted to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.

Throughout her career, Maja had been nominated and awarded the most prestigious prizes of show-business. She won Most Promising Female Star (Movie-Sukob, 2006), Most Admired Female TV Personality (2009), Best Actress (Movie- Thelma, 2012), Pop Viewer’s Choice Award (Song- Dahan-Dahan, 2014), Dance Album of the Year (Believe, 2014), Best Drama Actress (TV Series- Bridges of Love, 2015),  Most Promising Female Concert Performer   (Majasty, 2016),  Actress of the year (Series- Wildflower, 2017), Best Actress (Film- I’m Drunk I Love You, 2018). We expect a few more in the coming years as she is only thirty –one and currently working at her peak.

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