Top 25 Manga And Manhwa With BDSM Themes


Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics are all part of BDSM, which is a collection of often erotic practices or roleplaying.

If the BDSM genre fascinates you, and you have a keen eye for the genre, and you also want to have a diverse ecchi manga/manhwa collection but can’t find a good recommendation, then brace yourself, because we have a large collection of Manga/Manhwa with BDSM themes for you.

Here are some of our favorite BDSM-themed Manga/Manhwa. This list was made for someone looking for some good ecchi manga/manhwa recommendations. So join us as we present the top 25 Manga and Manhwa with BDSM themes that will pique your interest. There’s something for every type of reader, so choose your poison and keep reading.

25. Sakurada-senpai Kaizou Keikaku

Sakurada-senpai Kaizou Keikaku

Hajime Sakurada, 29, who is single and desperate for a girlfriend, used to be a popular playboy. But now he’s just another office employee. Until Seiichirou Mibu appears, who, unlike Sakurada, is one of the best employees and has a more appealing appearance, making him popular among his coworkers.

Mibu, however, is strangely kind and admires Sakurada. The junior turns out to be the long-forgotten kouhai whom he abused during his high school years. Sakurada is unaware of this until Mibu reveals that he changed his family name due to his parents’ divorce.

If you enjoy BDSM manga, this one is for you, as it covers a wide range of topics in the BDSM subculture. The protagonists’ relationship in this manga is entirely based on BDSM methods, but there is also a comedic element to it. The dynamic between the seme and the uke is fantastic, with the seme being a shy boy and the uke being a sadist. If you enjoy yaoi and ecchi with a dash of comedy and BDSM, then this manga is for you.

24. S Flower

S Flower

It’s Ye-eun’s 32nd birthday, but she’s not in the best of spirits. She’s been forced to return to her hometown after her lingerie line went out of business, a place she thought she’d left behind for good. Her best friend, fortunately, has just the thing to cheer her up: a big, shiny, limited edition dildo. Ye-eun “breaks it in” that night, but doesn’t have the dildo the next morning. Only the remains of a hot night of S&M and the muffled moans of a stranger remain. Who is the mystery man?

The BDSM influence is strong, but it accurately represents S&M femdom play. It is non-violent, consensual, and very close to the truth. The characters have safewords, aftercare, and genuine love or friendship. For once, the protagonist is not a cute shy girl defined solely by her secret: she is a badass woman with preferences who is not ashamed of them. The story is more about people’s ability to open up to different desires and empower them than it is about S&M.

23. Koibito Play

Koibito Play

Okuno Ryouko and Saeki are typical students. But only on the surface. They both feel out of place at university, so Okuno visits an S&M club after classes. Saeki happens to visit this club as well; rather than participating in the activities like Okuno, he is there to play music. When they both meet there, they seem somewhat attracted to each other. But will this attraction last, when they come to know about each other better? Will love be able to bloom?

This is a mature manga and it deals with mature topics, but that said, this is at heart a wonderful touching love story. The characters are truly well developed and believable, and their faults, weaknesses, strengths, and good points are all on display. The ecchiness /nudity fits with the story and is part of the general flow, rather than a means to an end. The story is also a bit edgy, and that adds to its realism and flair. Our protagonist’s soul searching is something that all of us have done to some extent, and the struggle to fit in, find a place, and love in this world, is something we can all relate to.

22. Sadistic Beauty

Sadistic Beauty

Chun Duna is a beautiful sexy maiden who has recently returned to town after a long absence. She also requires the company of a few men with whom she can have some fun. She eventually encounters two of them, one a wimpy student and the other an arrogant and self-centered professor.

Duna can’t stand straight under the light of professor Byun Minho and plays a submissive there while crushing Woo Haesol, the meek student, under her charming spell and energetic personality. This is an unusual trio in which there is a significant power shift among the three characters, which makes for an exciting story. Sadistic Beauty lives up to her name and proves it in every way possible. Sadistic Beauty should also be added to your BDSM themes manga collection if emotional chaos and power games are your things.

21. Addictive


Lou Ji, a police officer, is having trouble sleeping, and it has nothing to do with crime but rather with a girl she dreams about. She has a dream that a lovely girl comes to visit her and they have a good time together. However, she has no cure for this, so she decides to leave the thought alone. Until one day, while on duty as a cop, the same dream girl pays her a visit at the station. She immediately recognizes that it is her fate calling her, and she must act. The plot of Addictive revolves around Lou Ji’s attempts to start and continue her relationship with her dream girl.

In a genre where ecchi manga has a long tradition of similar storylines, Addictive is a welcome change. With an intriguing and twisting plot, it fulfills the ecchi genre’s demand while also satisfying the desire for a good story. Additionally, if you enjoy the ‘Yuri’ or ‘Girls Love’ genres, Addictive may be the right choice for you. Adding Addictive to your collection of BDSM-themed manga would undoubtedly broaden it.

20. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Kintaro Oe is a jack-of-all-trades who, contrary to popular belief, is a master at everything he does. With a strong desire to learn, he enrolled in every course at Tokyo University that he could get his hands on. He eventually runs out of topics or subjects and decides to learn anything that piques his interest. He excelled in a range of sports, including volleyball, tennis, and swimming, in addition to cooking and gardening.

Nothing, however, was able to capture his attention and pique his interest as he had hoped. Until one lovely day, when he decided to take up a new subject, women. His excitement has returned as he continues on his new learning curve to learn more about the female gender. But, like any other type of study, he faces difficulties in his endeavors.

The Golden Boy is simply a story about a know-it-all who is trying to broaden his horizons by studying the female gender. The plot can be lighthearted at times, but it can also be quite dark at times. However, if you have a manga collection based on BDSM themes, it would be a great addition.

19. The Mistress Story

The Mistress Story

An ex-mistress decides to hire a girlfriend to get rid of her previous submissive after becoming annoyed by her. However, what appeared to be a simple task turned into one that required a great deal of effort. She seduces girls she believes could be the one. And in order to do so, she must go through a slew of perverts, lucrative perversions, and mind games, all of which take their toll on her. Her ex-submissive, on the other hand, is not someone who easily gives in and attacks her full force, making her life even more difficult.

The Mistress Story is a story about an ex-mistress who wants to start over after being baffled by the girls she wants and the girl who always annoys her. Will she be successful in her efforts to forget about her past and get the girl she wants, or will she fail miserably?

Overall, this manga is enjoyable to read. This manga is something you should add to your list if you enjoy yuri and BDSM themes.

18. The Sensual M

The Sensual M

What if you meet someone who shares your interests and instantly click, but the complexity increases when the thing you both like is BDSM? This is the main plot, and one of the protagonists discovers that one of his coworkers is secretly involved with BDSM. He makes a move and offers to be her partner in crime, as he is an enthusiast himself.

Sensual M is a story about two office coworkers who have an odd relationship. We see the two protagonists explore each other in ways they never imagined as the story progresses. As they spend time together and gradually come to understand one another, they develop a unique master-servant relationship.

They also develop intimacy as a result of being in a number of vulnerable situations. If you enjoy office romances and want to read something similar, this is the pick for you. Sensual M is also strongly story-driven and focuses on the story, unlike many other ecchi.

17. Nana to Kaoru

Nana to Kaoru

Kaoru and Nana have been friends since childhood and have always enjoyed each other’s company. Kaoru, however, has had a crush on Nana since the beginning. Because she was the kind of girl who could turn heads anywhere she went. They never had a relationship, and Kaoru never had the opportunity to express his feelings for her.

Kaoru and Nana eventually got lost in their lives and began seeing different people. Until one fateful day, when a strange fated incident occurred, forever altering their relationship. Kaoru’s mother was cleaning out the garage and gave Kaoru’s S&M Collection to Nana for safekeeping because she was a childhood friend.

She eventually put it to the test on herself. And while fumbling through the stuff, she became stuck and had to be rescued by none other than Kaoru himself. The childhood friends developed an instant chemistry and developed a taste for their daily ‘Breather Sessions,’ as they dubbed them.

The entire plot revolves around the two friends’ hectic lives as they try to keep up with their newfound hobby. This is the manga to read at any time of day if you want dark manga with BDSM themes and storylines.

16. 12-sai kara no Himitsu

12-sai kara no Himitsu

When viewed from the outside, Yayoi appears to be an ordinary person going about her business. When she’s alone, however, she enjoys transforming into someone else. She has a hidden dark secret that she does not want anyone to know about. Yayoi is a heavy user of H-stuff and enjoys pleasuring herself with a variety of things on a regular basis. She keeps a safe distance from most people, fearful that someone will find out about her little hobby.

Until one day, when she was all set to go, she was caught off guard when Akira happened to notice her. Her next-door neighbor, Akira, who lives on the same floor as her, now knows her secret.

This manga is only one volume long and is a great one-time read. The manga is sure to make you laugh, and it can be added to your collection of Manga with BDSM themes.

15. Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden

Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden

Mutou Yuzuki is excited to begin a new life at her new middle school. But, before she could even consider it, she was enrolled into the ‘Torture Club.’ The secret club was formed to prepare students for the interrogation departments of the military and secret services.

Yuzuki grows a secret crush on Funaki, the upperclassman who dragged her into the club. She eventually realized that Funaki was not interested in her. However, she is not yet ready to give up. As Yuzuki explores her dark side and discovers the limits of her potential, the story progresses.

It can certainly take you on a ride with the right amount of S&M content, which is clear from the start with the introduction of ‘Torture Club.’ You’ll want to keep Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden in your Manga with BDSM themes collection, as it’s a story you’ll want to read again and again.

14. Mai no Heya

Mai no Heya

Mai Sugimoto is giddy with anticipation as she prepares to begin her college career. She does, however, require a new apartment, for which she consults a realtor. The realtor books her and two other females for the same property by accident.

This leads to a brawl between the three of them. However, after much deliberation, they decide to share the apartment and live together because finding another apartment would be a nightmare. The three ladies with the same name, Mai Sugimoto, was the reason behind the realtor’s error.

The story of three Mai Sugimotos from various walks of life began. And the casual roommate quickly morphed into something a little more. Explore Mai’s life as she embarks on a new adventure and discovers things that she never imagined possible even in her wildest dreams.

13. Megami no Sprinter

Megami no Sprinter

Takase is the younger brother, and his older brother is nothing short of a perfect man. His older brother was well-known for being athletic, attractive, and a natural womanizer. On the other hand, he is frail and timid, with a below-average academic record and a lack of aptitude in most areas.

When Takase moved from his parents’ house to live with his older brother, everything changed. He enrolled in a legendary coach’s training program known as “Venus of Track.” She also happens to be his sister-in-law.

She has a few tricks up her sleeve for getting people to train. In addition, she has a secret formula known as “absolute obedience.” In which to grow faster, you must be able to hold on to your sexual desires. Takase’s life is about to change, and how it will play out is unknown. Will he be able to make it under the pressure of Venus of Track or will he crash?

These manga entice you solely because of the artwork and the possibility of sex. It has a satisfying and alluring quality to it because you know it’s not supposed to happen.

12. Sundome


The Roman Club is an odd high school club that investigates paranormal activities, aliens, UFOs, and other strange phenomena. Hideo Aiba and Kurumi Sahana are members of the Roman club, and they frequently go out in search of the unknown with the rest of the group, as well as on their own.

They have unbalanced chemistry, which necessitates further exploration. The plot revolves around both of these characters. They’d go out at night in search of dark creatures and, in turn, have a little something of their own. The term syndrome refers to the act of holding in one’s ejaculation, which is self-evident in terms of context and tells the whole story.

This manga’s target audience is those who enjoy dark BDSM themes but aren’t grossed out by them. Otherwise, you should avoid this manga because it has the potential to make you cringe. However, if you enjoy the first few chapters, it will be difficult to keep you from reading any further.

11. Ibitsu


In his back alley, Kazuki Itou meets a strange girl dressed in a gothic lolita dress. She continues to follow him, indicating that the encounter was strange. Until one day, when she asks if he has a younger sister, and he says yes.

He began to notice her in different places later on, and it became clear that she was stalking him. It’s also confirmed that she’s the demon Lolita’s spirit. And, legend has it, she would take over the body of his younger sister, Hikari. But what happened was not at all what Kazuki had imagined.

Horror and Ecchi don’t mix because these two emotions are diametrically opposed and cannot be felt at the same time. However, this manga has the potential to portray both of them at the same time. Read it if you like horror mangas and want to see how the ecchi content fits in.

10. Kanojo wa Kannou Shousetsuka

Kanojo wa Kannou Shousetsuka

Shiina Keisuke aspires to be an erotic novelist, but she lacks experience and has yet to establish a reputation. So, in order to gain experience, she wants to work as an editor for Kuroki Chihiro, an established name in the industry.

Chihiro, on the other hand, is a difficult boss to work for. Instead, he has developed a bad reputation and is frequently misunderstood as a devilish figure. Shiina eventually gets to work with Chihiro and discovers that everything everyone said about him was correct.

There is a lot of depth to the story and it is not something that ends within the third chapter. Instead, a lot of time and effort has gone into developing the characters over time. This is a must-read for anyone looking for a story-driven, ecchi, and BDSM-themed manga.

9. Ruriko Joou no Kareinaru Hibi

Ruriko Joou no Kareinaru Hibi

Shangri-La is a high school bondage club known for its perversions and other ideas for which customers are willing to pay a large sum of money without hesitation. Queen Ruriko is the club’s manager or Queen. And she is the one who founded the club and brought it to where it is now.

The manga’s main plot revolves around her and all of her eccentric customers. The manga depicts a wide range of people from various walks of life, putting them in situations they would never have imagined. The plot is a little more into S&M than the title suggests, but it does get a little cheeky or funny in between, just like any other ecchi manga. Ruriko Joou no Kareinaru Hibi will complement your time if you prefer direct ecchi, as the story is a situational sketch rather than a character-driven story.

8. Takane no Hana wa Midaresaki

Takane no Hana wa Midaresaki

There is a girl who is adored by all and is charming, attractive, and has a large number of friends. Then there’s the boy who isn’t particularly popular but is smitten with her and, like all the other boys, is unable to confess. What if that boy happens to come across the girl in a compromising situation? Is he going to take advantage of the situation, or will he not? These two people’s lives are about to collide, with completely unexpected results.

The plot is both simple and cliched. However, it capitalizes on the fact that it is exceptionally well-written and holds the reader’s attention. In this manga, the female protagonist is perverted, while the male protagonist is normal, all while slowly enjoying the female protagonist’s antics.

7. Toshishita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu

Toshishita Koakuma no SM Kanrijutsu

Minato Kashiwagi is a young and attractive woman who, at the tender age of 29, is tasked with enormous responsibilities as the department’s chief director. She needs a break now and then and wants to cool down, but her methods of doing so may seem strange to some. She wants to control her department by punishing the men in it.

But the process had become monotonous for her until one day, when a new part-timer named Towa arrived at her department. After seeing his meek overall attitude, Minato made the decision to go into full dominatrix mode over him. But, as she goes about her business, reality sets in, and she discovers something unusual.

The story is character-driven, with little emphasis on plot, and there is plenty of S&M content for those who are only interested in that.

6. Tsumi to Kai

Tsumi to Kai

Minedera Zen is the kind of kid who needs a little time away from reality and is uncomfortable in social situations. He needs to find a way to let off steam. Zen eventually succeeds by taking upskirt pictures of girls. By engaging in such activities, he tries to fill the void that has been created in his life.

Zen, however, is caught in the act one day. But, because he is afraid of being exposed, he immediately offers to do anything to avoid the situation. The girl turned out to be a fan of S&M who used Minedera as a toy to play with in order to indulge her perversions.

Unlike manga in this genre, the story does get intense at times. Nonetheless, the plot has a good storyline. The plot is once again character-driven, progressing as the protagonist explores more and more after encountering one or more unexpected situations.

5. Yuki Nee-chan no Kan-nou Gokko

Yuki Nee-chan no Kan-nou Gokko

Yukino Kurose keeps a dark secret and enjoys acting out scenes from erotic novels with lifeless mannequins. She uses mannequins because she hasn’t been able to find a real partner yet. Yukino is eventually caught in the act by none other than Shin Yuki, a childhood friend.

Shin faces a dilemma now that he knows what her old friend is into when she asks him out to be her partner in the same perverted activities. Shin agrees to her request despite having a moral dilemma and a great deal of confusion. Shin couldn’t let anyone else be Yukino’s partner. Will Shin and Kurose part ways, or will they fall in love in the middle of the act?

The plot is reasonable, and the romance between the two protagonists is enjoyable. The ecchi, however, is unquestionably the manga’s highlight.

4. G-Maru Edition

G-Maru Edition

What if you have a dream and someone tells you that you will not only realize it, but that you will surpass it? But what if you not only achieve your goal, but also become a legend for your work? That’s what happened to Kaburagi Aruto, a young adolescent who aspires to be a good Shoujo Mangaka.

But, to her surprise, a robot named G-Maru appears from the future and informs her of her impending fate. She was going to be a legendary Hentai Mangaka, and G-Maru, who is a fan of her work, has arrived from the future. G-Maru and Kaburagi work together to discover new things and create unique situations that will aid her in achieving her goal.

The plot is a little different from what we’ve seen in previous ecchi manga. Although it begins slowly, it quickly picks up in the middle.

3. Ane Comi

Ane Comi

Ryouta’s older sister is unlike any other high school student, possessing abilities that would put anyone twice her age to shame. She is a 21-year-old Mangaka who is looking forward to breaking into the big league. She also hasn’t had time to be in a real relationship with someone, despite the fact that she is 21 years old. She is always engrossed in her manga, leaving her with little time.

Due to her busy schedule, she couldn’t even go out with a potential mate. Later on, a well-known publishing house approaches her, praising her work. And now the aspiring artist has the opportunity to show off her skills to the rest of the world. Her first project, however, is to create a hentai manga. She also has no idea how to draw the project’s male counterpart.

She eventually enlists the assistance of her younger brother Ryouta, and the story progresses into a variety of situations. Those who enjoy ecchi but do not want to be exposed to sensitive topics such as incest should avoid this one. Otherwise, you should definitely try this ecchi manga; it will not disappoint you.

2. Kanojo de Ippai

Kanojo de Ippai

Akira Toudou has been dealing with a number of issues from his past and has decided that a fresh start is in order. He does this by renting a new apartment in a new city. He wanted to start a new life and leave his old one behind. But tragedy struck when he discovered that his new apartment had been double booked when he arrived.

Now he is required to have a roommate, but he has no other options. The reason for this is that he does not have the time or resources to look for a new apartment. When he met his new roommate, he felt another wave of shock run down his spine. Hina Kamiyama, Akira’s new roommate, is a Hentai Mangaka who is interested in everything that is far beyond Akira’s wildest dreams.

Because Hina has some strange friends, Akira always finds himself in awkward situations. And she’s constantly up to something nefarious. The manga’s plot is a mix of comedy and BDSM themes, with other exciting elements thrown in for good measure.

1 .Saotome Shimai Ha Manga no Tame Nara!?

Saotome Shimai Ha Manga no Tame Nara!

Mobuyuki Saotome is a newcomer to the ecchi comedy manga scene. He also has a lot of big dreams because he wants to be in the spotlight one day. However, he lacks inspiration and, like any other artist, wanders around aimlessly. After failing to find inspiration from his usual sources, Saotome comes up with an idea. He reasoned that he could benefit from the assistance of his two assistants. There’s just one problem: both of his assistants are his younger sisters.

Furthermore, Saotome is unaware that both of his assistants/sisters have a crush on their boss/big brother. And, after determining that it is the best option, he enlists the assistance of his assistants. As a result, Saotome turns to his assistants for new ideas.

This is an absolute side-splitting masterpiece in terms of comedy, ecchi, and harem titles. The premise is fairly standard, with our romcom mangaka dealing with a slew of antics from his assistants and other female acquaintances. This is an underappreciated gem, and one of the funniest mangas in the genre.


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