61 Maria Verchenova Sexy Pictures Will Cause You To Lose Your Psyche

61 Maria Verchenova Sexy Pictures Will Cause You To Lose Your Psyche

In the domination of male-dominated sports like golf, Maria Verchenova is like a breath of fresh air as she is one of the best female golfers in business. She was recently listed as one of the 20 most attractive LPGA golfers courtesy of her beautiful looks and stunning features such as her tall height of five feet and nine inches. She is also a fitness enthusiast and people look up to her for her fitness videos and tutorials that she puts up.

Maria Verchenova is a Russian by nationality and was born in Moscow. She was born in the year 1986 on the 27th of March which makes her 33 years old as of now. She has several achievements to her name and one of the foremost achievements of her career is that she was one of the first Russian who became a full-time member of the Ladies European tour.

Between the years 2012-2015, she entered into competitions with her married name which was Maria Balikoeva. She had entered professional golfing in the year 2006 and since then there have been several competitions where she enjoyed a top ten finish.

Another main achievement in her sporting career was that she qualified for the Summer Olympics in 2016. In the fourth round of the competition, she made a record score of 62 and eventually finished tied for the 16th position.

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