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61 Martine Carol Sexy Pictures Are Going To Perk You Up

61 Martine Carol Sexy Pictures Are Going To Perk You Up

In the 1940s, the explosive and teasing sexuality of Martine Carol took Post-war France by storm and in spite of limited acting ability, she reigned for a few years till the arrival of Brigitte Bardot. Often cast as cool seductress and famous for low cut dress, her personal life was no less tumultuous than reel life.

Martine was born in Saint Mande, France on May 16, 1920, but little is known of her childhood. A sudden discussion with comedian Andre Luguet motivated her toward theatre. René Simon trained her on acting. In 1940, Phedre was her first stage performance. Wolf Farm in 1943 was her debut movie. It attracted the attention of the audience because she was not shy before the camera and had an attractive face. Hence during the late 1940s and early 1950s, she became a top box office draw as well as a symbol of sex. Some critics considered her as the French version of America’s Marilyn Monroe. The innocent beautiful face of that time mixed with the power of seductresses and semi-nude scenes gave her roles in more than 40 films during that time. She acted in theatres also. One of her more famous roles was the title character in Lola Montès (1955). However, by the late 1950s, roles for Carol had decreased appreciably as Brigitte Bardot started acting.

Martine Carol was married four times, to:

Stephen Crane (1948 -1953)


Dr. André Rouveix (1959-1962)

Mike Eland, married in 1966 until her death.

An affair with actor Georges Marechal ended with her attempted suicide by throwing herself into the Seine River and rescued by the taxi driver. Once she was abducted by a French gangster who released her next day with a bunch of rose as an apology.

She died of a heart attack on 6th February 1967 in a hotel while shooting for her last film.

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