61 Martine McCutcheon Sexy Pictures Will Spellbind You With Her Dazzling Body

61 Martine McCutcheon Sexy Pictures Will Spellbind You With Her Dazzling Body

The actress has been bankrupted in2013 by the Kingston upon Thames County Court and then the following year, she achieved an Honorary Degree for her contribution to the entertainment industry. She is none but the English singer and actress Martine McCutcheon.

She took born on 14th May in 1976 in Hackney, London, England. She is the daughter of Thomas Keith Hemmings and Jenny Ponting. Her parents got divorced as her mother experienced domestic violence. In childhood, she appeared in a few stage productions.

She first appeared on television at 12 with a commercial of Kool-Aid drink. In 1989, she landed her first role as Mandy in the series Bluebirds. Later, she founded an all-girl group, Milan and released their singles but they disbanded as they were unsuccessful. In 1994, she got her fame for appearing as Tiffany Raymond in the soap opera EastEnders. Later, she started her solo career in singing and released her debut album You Me & Us that ranked no. 2 in the UK. Her following albums are Wishing, Musicality, Lost and Found, etc. Later, she acted in several films and television series as well. In 2000, she released her autobiography, Who Does She Think She Is?

In 2012, she married singer Jack McManus with whom she has a son.

She has won the British Soap Award, Empire Award, MTV Movie Award, National Television Award, etc.

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Martine McCutcheon hot pics
Martine McCutcheon hot pics

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Martine McCutcheon sexy pics
Martine McCutcheon sexy pics

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