Marvel: 25 Incredibly Funny Avengers Comics For The True Marvel Fans


In case you are a fan of The Avengers then you must have your favorite characters, unforgettable moments and the best villains. In any case, it is certain that The Avengers is spot on as far as being a cross-over event is concerned and it features a full squad of characters, hand-picked from various popular Marvel series. There is an element of absolute fun and pride about all of these beloved superhero characters joining hands to battle a mighty enemy. Some of that charm is also due to the unavoidable power equations which unfold and the apparently crazy activities of the characters.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the comic books or a late entrant lured in by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is unanimously accepted that The Avengers stories and the whole Marvel Universe have been a gigantic project. A structure that has taken decades of comic books and numerous movies to get in shape and evolve. In the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, the internet has suddenly been flooded with an unprecedented amount of fan art, comics, and memes based in the Marvel Universe and aiming mostly at The Avengers.

As is the norm with any extremely popular cultural event, celebrating by being a part of the MCU fandom and enjoying our chosen parts of nerdy culture doesn’t stop us from making fun. A great deal of the fantastic content online delves into the celebratory as well as satirical elements. There is nothing wrong in being passionate about our beloved nerdy shenanigans, but, it is also healthy to make fun of the various plotholes and irregularities.

That is the reason why we decided to curate the compilation of the funniest Avengers Comics available online which have dotted the internet landscape since the iconic rise in the popularity of MCU. Go ahead and laugh your heart out!

25. Black Widow Snub

24. Ant-Man Is Useful

23. Hulk Leaves You Hanging

22. Snakey Loki Bro

21. Gender-Swap Poster Poses

20. Low Key Loki

19. Prettiest Armor In Asgard

18. Too Many Avengers

17. Loki’s Sentence

16. Costume Upgrade

15. Fans Vs. Non-Fans

14. Excessive Deadpool

13. Frozen Loki

12. Black Widow Snubbed Again

11. Avengers Backseat Gaming

10. Black Panther’s One Weakness

9. Winnie The Hulk

8. Tangled Vs. Frozen: Civil War

7. Gift From Tony Stark

6. Don’t Leave Me Hanging

5. Challenge Accepted

4. Baby Avengers

3. Where Is The Ministry Of Magic?

2. Super Hulk

1. The Next Generation


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