8 Major Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is very rightfully called the MCU’s greatest and most powerful superhero. This character can fly at superhuman speeds, and also shoot powerful energy beams and even absorb a lot of amounts of it as well. She is very strong and also extremely fast. With the Mad Titan creeping up from behind, Captain Marvel is the universe’s greatest bet to make Thanos bend to his knees. However, here are 8 Marvel Characters who can wipe the floor with Captain Marvel:

8. Surtur

The king of the Fire Giants is known as the ruler of Muspelheim.  In the comic books, Surtur had been a God and could easily defeat Thor. He was the greatest weapons known to the whole universe and was called the Twilight Sword. Even with Surtur’s powers being degraded, Surtur had levelled Asgard. Captain Marvel should surely be wary of this demon king who has been destined to bring down Ragnarok in Norse Mythology.

7. Odin

The All-Father is the man who started it all. He has the power of omniscience, and this would mean that he knows everything. Odin has the Odin-Force as his greatest weapon. This allows the King to command a huge degree of strength that only Gods can just dream of.

6. Ego

Ego, the Living Planet was just an ordinary scientist until his sentience had merged with the planet. Ego was a Celestial and had been imbued with the Power Cosmic. When he had merged with the planet, his powers had doubled. Captain Marvel might be strong, but she is not as strong as a Celestial.

5. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos might be strong, but he is not as strong as Carol Danvers. However, with the Infinity Gauntlet, he can be. There is no way that Captain Marvel can defeat him when he is wearing the Gauntlet.

4. Dormammu

The ruler of the multiple universes, Dormammu has even managed to conquer magic. Dormammu can grant a part of his powers to his followers, and also grant them Godlike powers. The only reason that Doctor Strange had won in the 2016 film was because he had the Time Stone. Captain Marvel might be strong, but against Dormammu, she a weakling.

3. Adam Warlock

In the comic books, Adam Warlock is the epitome of cosmic God-hood. Captain Marvel might keep coming at him, but Warlock can take whatever Carol has to trade her fists for and maybe this is the very reason why Adam Warlock is not a part of the MCU.

2. Galactus

Since the MCU is now moving to space, we may see Galactus take the stage after Thanos leaves Avengers: Endgame. Galactus feeds on planets and what makes him deadly is his thirst for food. He can go past Odin and Thor and so, Captain Marvel will be easy to take down for him.

1. The Beyonder

The Beyonder comes from a world which lies beyond the universe. For the Beyonder, the entire universe is a petri dish, and he is the man looking at it via a microscope. This character can do whatever he wants and has made appearances in many storylines, but his powers are now dulled down to make the storylines realistic.


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