Here’s How Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe hould Have Looked Like


As big-time superhero fans, we have all been super fond of the two popular comic book houses, Marvel and DC and have even read their comics about these superheroes. As these two giants in the world of superhero comic publications, they have played their share of shaping up every superhero and villain individually. After some time, the comic books had even come to life on the silver screen the form of live-action films that had made to the big screen, and they had been a huge hit amongst all the fans, all across the world. Marvel had been the very first one to debut in the theatres with its very first franchise, Iron Man that released ten years ago. They had then been followed by DC, with its own universe of superheroes with its debut movie being Man of Steel.

Marvel is now pretty strong in terms of coming up with fresh concepts and ideas for their superheroes and has also strengthened the production house with many famous franchises. But, not all of their superheroes look the way they are meant to look. It is surely remarkable to see that Marvel Studios has come a very long way since their debut comic book of every character, in terms of poster design, cinematic screen presence and transformation.

Here, we have for you a list of Marvel superheroes and how they should actually look:

1. Luke Cage

2. Daredevil

3. Deadpool

4. Star-Lord

5. Doctor Strange

6. Jean Grey

7. Jessica Jones

8. Thanos

9. Apocalypse

10. Groot

11. Storm

12. Loki

13. Ghost Rider

14. Sue Storm and the Fantastic Four

15. Mockingbird

16. Yondu

17. Elektra

18. Misty Knight

19. Kilgrave

20. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

21. The Ancient One

22. Patsy Walker

23. Cottonmouth

24. Mantis

25. Baron Zemo

26. Quake


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