Marvel Has Finally Introduced The Terrifying Captain Hydra. Here’s What’s Happening


The Marvel events of the Secret Empire had thrown light on a Hydra conspiracy that had turned everyone’s favourite superhero, Captain America, into one of their agents. This had been a very polarising moment for the readers and fans as the image of Cap saying “Hail Hydra,” was a very difficult moment to accept.

The character, Captain America had been able to break free of Hydra’s influence, but it had left behind a very evil version of Steve Rogers, and he is now in prison. Although he is sure to make reappearance soon, the Hydra plot seems like it is done.

When it comes to a possible future in the Marvel Universe, Hydra is alive in the issue of Old Man Hawkeye and under Baron Zemo’s leadership, the man who had orchestrated all the events that eventually led to the death of Avengers. The Hawkeyes (Kate Bishop and Clint Barton) have also tracked down Baron Zemo at the Weapon X facility in Alberta, and instead of going in there as a team, Clint sneaked in for getting a better look.

Zemo is then alerted the very minute that Clint enters and starts taunting him via the intercom and this leads Clint to a gladiator pit where he is faced with “Captain Hydra”-with a terrorist group’s green costume and a Captain America-syle shield which has the Hydra logo on it.

This preview of Old Man Hawkeye #11 does not really reveal if the Hydra agent is a super-soldier like the original Captain America, or if the character’s visual appearance is inspired by Captain America either. With the amount of all the blood that has been splattered on the walls, we can now assume that Captain Hydra is a very formidable opponent.

Luckily for Clint, he has Kate Bishop as backup, and she has made her way into Weapon X. It may take both these archers to bring down Captain Hydra, and even if they are eventually successful, there is the very matter of the building crawling with Hydra foot soldiers.

Old Man Hawkeye #11 will release on Nov. 28.


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