26 Epic Marvel Logic Comics That Will Prove That The MCU Make No Sense


As we all know, the popular Marvel Universe has given all the fans a few of the finest and best superhero film ever, and we are now eagerly waiting for the Avengers 4 movie. All these movies films have relied on very wonderfully interconnected and linked storylines that have interwoven the stories and fates of many Marvel characters.

Many of the comics actually poke fun at the logic that has been found in the Marvel films. There are many holes in the logic as well. From many plot holes to a whole lot of gender issues, we have covered a pretty wide range of issues and problems with the films.

As much as we would love to say that every fan comic here proves something otherwise from all the MCU films, this is not completely true. A few of the comic enhance the existing plotlines by giving some alternative theories and situations.

Now, we are here to talk about the fun and hilarious side of these storylines that have been put into comics by a few secular artists from across the world. It should not be a surprise that in a universe as complex ad huge as the MCU, there would be a few continuity and also logic mistakes.

In light of this, here we have for you 26 Marvel logic comics:

1. Not Very Low-Key

2. No Wonder

3. O Captain, Why Captain?

4. Widow’s Woes

5. The Ant-Man Goes Marching In

6. Yours Cluelessly

7. Many-Headed Universe

8. Avenging The Law

9. What Fresh ‘Hela’ Is This?

10. Best Served Cold

11. Make It Work!

12. Priority Report

13. Born To Be Blond

14. Kitty’s Choice

15. It’s Hammer-Time!

16. To Change Or Not To Change…

17. The Thing About Origin Stories

18. God-Grounding

19. Spidey Sensibilities

20. The Expressive Mask

21. That’s Fair… Enough

22. Prank The Prankster

23. The Cooties

24. Cat Got Your Tongue?

25. For Richer Or Poorer

26. Brothers, Disturbed


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