10 Marvel Movies That We Never Got To See


We all are living in a world where Hollywood is centered around Superhero, and we all have to be super thankful for that as all our dreams are now coming true with a new Superhero film that releases. But in order to create a good superhero movie, the directors have to actually pitch a really enough script for studios to actually back it up and then give the directors a green signal. There have been so many cases where many Marvel movies had gotten cancelled for many shocking reasons. Here is the list:

1. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man 3 was a huge failure when it came to pleasing the audiences, it was successful in terms of money, and after having witnessed this success, Raimi was all set to return yet another movie. But the studio did not like the direction that Raimi was taking the franchise in and Sony had given a green light for a reboot-The Amazing Spider-Man.

2. X-Men Origins: Magneto

When the original X-men trilogy had ended, Fox wanted to start a string of Origins films, and this started with Wolverine. They wanted to make a Magneto movie and bring back Ian McKellan and also de-age him for the story about his childhood. But this digital McKellan would have cost a lot, and so it was cancelled.

3. The Sinister Six

In the year, 2014, Sony had a lot of faith in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and they had also had decided that TAS2 would be followed by its third movie and also wanted to make a Venom and Sinister Six movie. They hired Drew Goddard for the script, but this film was cancelled when a deal between Marvel and Sony was finalised.

4. Wes Craven’s Doctor Strange

In the 90s when Marvel was not that successful when it came to the big screen, they had licenced the Doctor Strange character to Full Moon Entertainment, who had lost this license while they were working on this feature. When the rights had been given back to Marvel, Wes Craven was approached for director it, but he had failed to make a good script.

5. She-Hulk

In the 80s, Larry Cohen had started working on a movie about She-Hulk and also a TV show that would be connected to the successful Incredible Hulk series. But people had lost all interest in Superhero genre, and this movie was cancelled.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man 3

When a deal with Marvel had been finalized, and Spider-Man was all ready to make an appearance in the movie, Civil War, people realised that there was no point in having another Spider-Man Universe and so, Amazing Spider-Man 3 had been cancelled.

7. Stuart Gordon’s Iron Man

There was another unfinished project of Marvel in the 90s, and this was the movie, Iron Man. Stuart Gordon had been approached for helming this movie. It was a great idea and may have been Marvel’s very first Theatrical success, but soon the Studios really had no money for this, and the project had been cancelled.

8. The Silver Surfer

When the movie, Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer had been produced, the studio wanted to set up a Silver Surfer origin movie. But when Galactus had been turned into a giant cloud, Fantastic Four 3 had died, and Silver Surfer’s future was crippled.

9. James Cameron’s Spider-Man

James Cameron had gone to approach X-Men, but he had been offered an opportunity for tackling with Spidey. He had then written a screenplay about a teen Peter Parker with some concepts like organic webbing and a few other things like adult humor and this meant a darker script. Marvel and Caroloco Pictures said that it was not possible and the movie was cancelled.

10. Fantastic Four 2 (2017)

In the year, 2015, Fox had a list of upcoming Superhero films, and these included a Fantastic Four sequel as well. After Josh Trank’s disappointing reboot had been released, the studios had suffered a loss of $100 Million, and then the sequel was scrapped.


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