This Is How Movies In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Look Like Before The Added Special Effects


Most of the Marvel movies revolve around a mix of superpowers, mutants, Gods and even aliens but we all know, this does not happen naturally. A huge team works pretty hard behind the scenes in order to bring mystical creatures to life and give the fans some amazing and life-like visual effects.

When the fans watch a superhero movie, they are surely aware that most of what they see on the screen has been digitally created. But the amount of visual effects required to bring a Marvel movie to life screen is very high- some films have even relied 98% on VFX artists.

This is a pretty huge number, but this is Marvel’s way of doing things. Many people have actually gotten the chance to go BTS of the Marvel films and give the fans a few new images of the making of these films.

From all the MCU classics to the new movies of the X-Men franchise, the Marvel movies look super different before they had special effects added.

Here, we have for you a few images that will show you how the movies looked like before CGI:

1. Looks like Bucky didn’t really fall that far in Captain America: The First Avenger

2. The Battle of New York was a hard time for everybody

3. You know this was CG, because I’ve never seen traffic that clear in NYC

4. Smile like you don’t know Josh Brolin is going to replace you

5. Looks like he’s been doing Pee-Wee90X

6. That face when you realize RDJ hasn’t worn “armor” since the Bush administration

7. Sean Gunn is a man of many talents

8. When an actual airport is too busy to shoot for continuity…

9. Mark Ruffalol

10. Who needs sling rings when you got LEDs on a C-Stand?

11. Big dumb foam suit so Chris Hemsworth can interact with a CG model, who wore it better? Hulk…

12.  Or Thanos? (also note that even his SLEEVES are CG in that shot)

13. Black Widow, meet Blue Screen

14. There something cute about how they lit some of the boxes on fire for ambience


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