Marvel’s Killmonger Actor Michael B Jordan Is Going To  Lead Rainbow Six Movies


Variety has now reported that Paramount Pictures is progressing with adapting Tom Clancy novels, Rainbow Six and Without Remorse. As per the reports, Jordan is going to play John Clark in both films.

Without Remorse is going to be the first of these two to release and it is going to be the origin story of the character played by Jordan.

The news related to Tom Clancy’s adaptations follows a successful TV series based on the works of the famous author. The rebooted Jack Ryan series, created by Paramount TV and Amazon, John Krasinski plays the lead role, and it recently premiered to great critical acclaim. Prior to the show’s premiere, Amazon had already gone ahead and ordered the second season.

Regarding the Rainbow Six films, Akiva Goldsman is going to head the new project as the leading producer of the movie. Jordan will also be the producer alongside Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. The film has not yet got any creative team finalized, but, Paramount is holding discussions with writers and directors for Without Remorse.

For a long time, John Clark has been a regular in Clancy’s works, and he has appeared in 17 novels since debuting in “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” in 1988. Clark main used to be a supporting character to Jack Ryan, before he got his own adventure in “Without Remorse.” The book revealed Clark’s origin story and history with the CIA. That’s when Clark became the Rainbow Six’s focus, and it was the book that led to a famous video game franchise.

In the past, John Clark was played by Willem Dafoe (Clear and Present Danger), and Live Schreiber (The Sum of All Fears). Paramount also tried making a Rainbow Six franchise earlier, that had Ryan Reynolds and Christopher McQuarrie associated as the actor and director, respectively.


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