Marvel’s Wolverine Just Took Down The Entire Hydra During His Suicide Mission


The last few days of Old Man Logan are now counting down, but before he becomes the Dead Man Logan, the Wolverine taken from a nightmare future has one final mission to complete- to ensure that his future cannot happen even after he is gone, no matter who he has to kill.

It is pretty hard to believe this, but just six months are left for Wolverine and to make this ticking clock official, Marvel Comics has made a decision to end the Old Man Logan series with the clawed mutant killing a Hulk. The fans have also gotten the exclusive preview of Dead Man Logan #5, and in his quest to save the future, a new host of Neo-HYDRA soldiers have also volunteered to help sharpen Wolvie’s claws.

For all the Marvel fans who may not know about the backstory behind Old Man Logan, it is enough to say that in the parallel Earth, the supervillainMysterio had deceived him into killing the X-Men, and this had allowed the Avengers to be killed by villains. With Wolverine’s healing factor now failing, Logan has set out to kill the prime version of Mysterio before he can repeat this attack. However, Mysterio is not the threat on Earth, and in fact, he is leading an X-Men strike team and Logan to their real enemies.

This action kicks off in the preview pages for the issue, Dead Man Logan #5, and confirms once again that the HYDRA foot soldiers have been determined to be unprepared for the X-Men.

After having launched a surprise claw-strike which proves comic books can get away with more than PG-Rated Wolverine films, the issue shows that Logan’s effectiveness in combat is not being hampered by his old age. While we are not sure if Mysterio is really helping the superheroes in defeating the Neo-HYDRA leadership, the heroes heading for the island base are a force to be dealt with.

These are the details about the issue:

“DEAD MAN LOGAN (2019) #5

Published: March 13th, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Mike Henderson

Cover: Declan Shalvey

FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH! Sin and Miss Sinister have Logan in their clutches, and they won’t be happy until his corpse is picked clean… Plus: The fate of Mysterio revealed!

Dead Man Logan #5 will be available on March 13th, from Marvel Comics.”


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