The Film Reboot Of ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Gets Assigned New Writers


As Mattel and Sony move ahead with the reboot of Masters of the Universe, two new writers have now been hired to actually shore up a treatment. According to this report, the writing team of Matt Holloway and Art Marcum have also been tapped to write a whole new script.

This duo had then finished work penning the script for Men in Black: International that will feature Thor: Ragnarok stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth other than the Taken franchise that stars Liam Neeson.

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The change in writers also marks a huge step in the many ever-changing carousel of the talent rotation as the new reboot, based on Mattel’s toy line that goes by the very same name.

Holloway and Marcum had taken over for David S. Goyer who will now remain in this project in the capacity of executive producer. Before Goyer had been tapped to write the treatment, Steve Tisch, Jeff Wadlow and Chris Yost had been rumoured to develop a script.

This report had mentioned that the brothers, Aaron and Adam Nee are now attached to this project. The brothers Nee were not the very first directors who had been hired for this project. Before the Band of Robbers alumni had signed on, the directors had been considered for the position had been said to have included John Woo, Jon M. Chu and McG.

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The live-action movie is not the very first film in the Masters of the Universe franchise. The Action star, Dolph Lundgren had also been portrayed as the lead role of He-Man in the 1987 movie, which had fallen fell flat with a few of the fans and the critics. This had been helmed by Gary Goddard, and the film had grossed just $17.3 at the box office and had a budget of $22 million.

It had been previously revealed that the release date was on December 18th, 2019 but now this date may be pushed back as the movie is yet to enter the pre-production stage.


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