Filming Start Date For ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Movie Has Been Revealed


The Power Sword is all set to be drawn one more time this summer as the production on Sony’s Masters of the Universe film has started.

Production Weekly had reported that the Master of the Universe film would start its production by July in Prague.

“Updated production schedule and location for Sony’s Masters of the Universe, from the directing duo of Aaron and Adam Neem,” Production Weekly had tweeted.

“Principal photography is due to get mid-July underway in Prague.”

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Aaron and Adam Nee have joined the movie for replacing McG, who had left this project in the year. 2017. At the very same time, Sony had hired David Goyer to rewrite this script. There had been many rumours that Goyer would direct, but he had left for pursuing a few other projects. In January, Sony had brought on Matt Holloway and Art Marcum for rewriting this script again.

Sony has now been working on bringing Masters of the Universe back to the silver after taking over the movie rights in the year, 2009. This project has gone through many versions and also directors over the past few years. With a production date that has been set, it seems that Sony might have committed to a path forward.

Masters of the Universe had started life as a Mattel toy line launched in the year, 1982. DC Comics had then launched a tie-in comic book series in the very same year. The 1983 Filmation cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe had made He-Man, with his battle cry “I have the power,” a household name.

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Masters of the Universe focuses on Prince Adam of Eternia in a world that is a mix of science fiction and traditional fantasy. When Adam lifts his Power Sword and also invokes the name of Castle Grayskull, he becomes He-Man, the most powerful warrior in the universe. He-Man defends Eternia from the villain, Skeletor, an evil sorcerer who claims Grayskull’s secrets for himself for ruling over Eternia.

Masters of the Universe had become a live-action feature movie before. Dolph Lundgren had starred as He-Man in the year, 1987 from Cannon Films.

Sony dated Masters of the Universe for release on December 18th, but we can assume that date will be pushed back as the filming has yet to start.


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