25 Hilarious MCU Memes That You Just Cannot Miss


The Marvel Cinematic Universe or, MCU is a very popular and famous superhero franchise, and this is a shared universe that focuses on many superhero movies that are independently produced by Marvel Studios and are also based on many of the characters that make appearances in the Marvel Comics. This franchise has grown over the years and has included short films, comic books, TV series, and also many digital series. The universe had been established by crossing over a lot of common plot points, cast, characters and also settings.

The very first movie that had been released in the MCU was in the year, 20018-Iron Man and this had started the first phase of the MCU. Then came many movies that culminated into the first crossover movie, The Avengers in the year, 2012. Then, Phase Thad kicked off with the movie, Iron Man 3 in the year, 2013 and this phase had closed curtains with the movie, Ant-Man in the year, 2015. The movies are now in Phase Three, and this had started with the movie, Captain America: Civil War that had released in the year, 2016 and will end with the upcoming Avengers 4 movie in the year, 2019.

In light of this, here are 25 epic MCU memes:

Poor Thor!

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Total pain!


You Can’t Unsee This!


Best Post!


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The Reunion!


Like Father Like Son!


So Much Worse!

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Great Plan!




Did You Notice That!

Spider-Man Meets Venom!

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Stills Tops Everything!

Oh Yeah!


What now?

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MCU Memes!

He Was Right!


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