Home Comics 45 Absolutely Funny MCU Memes That Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing

45 Absolutely Funny MCU Memes That Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing

45 Absolutely Funny MCU Memes That Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing

Ten years ago, a lot of people were surprised when Marvel Studios made the Iron-Man film. Although the development delighted the Marvel Comics fans, there were not many who found the project to be a smart idea. There was certainly nobody, who anticipated the kind of mega success that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved over the years. It is true that the MCU benefits from its positive story-telling, colorful and cheerful visuals, great humor, action sequences and the mind-blowing performance by actors like Robert Downey Jr.

After initially tasting success with the solo character movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe ventured into the superhero team-up films under The Avengers series. The first Avengers movie was incredibly successful, and it established The Avengers as the core Marvel franchise on the big screen. Until now, 20 films have been made and released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All the movies until now, steadily aimed at a universe building that would culminate in the end of the Phase 3 of the MCU, and the end was started earlier this year by Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie had a large number of the characters from the MCU. It was a two and a half hour joyride for the fans featuring all the elements that make MCU such a popular tentpole for the Marvel Studios. The film shattered numerous box-office records, right from the outset and finished as the highest grossing superhero movie ever by earning over $2 billion on the global box office. However, as is normal, despite all their grandeur, the MCU films, especially The Avengers series end up making some mistakes here and there.

While these mistakes are understandable and don’t make the films any less lovable, but, there are certainly elements that the great meme makers don’t ignore. Check out these incredibly funny memes which relish the mistakes made by the Marvel Cinematic Universe films!

1. Hold My Beer!

2. I Have A Pen!

3. Haha!

4. Totally!

5. Hilarious War!

6. Monaloki!

7. Oh yeah!

8. So True!

9. Get Help!

10. Superb!

11. Sad!

12. Mind-Blowing!

13. Meanwhile!

14. Saving The Universe While Slapping Thanos!

15. It Truly Takes The Gold!

16. Epic!

17. True!

18. Hehe!

19. That Was Lucky!

20. Poor Tom!

21. Invisible!

22. Literally Though!

23. Best Method!

24. Oh No!

25. Wow, Thanos!

26. Hehe!

27. That’s My Boy!

28. I Think Not!

29. Super Funny!

30. LMAO!

31. Crazy!

32. Obvio!

33. Uh Oh!

34. Come Back!

35. Bring Back Loki!

36. Exactly The Feeling!

37. Whoa!

38. Obviously!

39. The Fear!

40. Explain This Peter!

41. On Fire!

42. Oops!

43. No Fun!

44. Noooooo!

45. He Has The Solution!


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