26 Reel Locations That Fans Have Spotted From The MCU Movies


The popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is a shared universe of many famous comic book superhero movies. They are produced by Marvel Studios, and these films are based on the characters that make appearances in the Marvel Comics. Over the years, this franchise has expanded and now includes many short films, TV series, comic books, and also digital series. This universe had been established by crossing over many settings, plots, cast, and characters.

The very first movie that had released in this shared universe was in the year, 2008, Iron Man and this had started the very first phase of movies that culminated in the crossover movie, Marvel’s The Avengers in the year, 2012. MCU’s Phase 2 had started with the movie, Iron Man 3 and had ended with the movie, Ant-Man in the year, 2015. Phase Three started in the year, 2016 with the movie, Captain America: Civil War and will end with the Avengers 4 movie in the year, 2019.

In light of this, here are some reel locations of a few movies from the MCU:


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Captain America

The Avengers!



Remember The Scene!


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The Exact Reel Locations!


Spider-Man With Stan Lee’s Cameo!


Avengers Movie Scene!

Spider-Man Homecoming!

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Peter And Ned

Peter Parker

Avengers Headquarter

Tony Stark And Peter Parker



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Infinity War Scene Location!


Captain America Civil War

Civil War Scene!


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MCU Movies!


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