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The American professional wrestler Mildred Bliss who is professionally known as Mildred Burke was born on 5th August 1915. Mildred Burke, aged 15, started to work as a waitress on the Zuni Indian Reservation in Gallup, New Mexico. She stayed there for three years, before evacuating for Kansas City, after agreeing to marry her boyfriend. He took her to a professional wrestling event, which sparked her interest in the sport. Burke, who was pregnant at the time, later maintained. Burke’s heyday survived from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, when she held the NWA World Women’s Championship for almost twenty years. Burke started in 1935, wrestling with men at festivals. Burke is a charter member of WWE Hall of Fame’s Legacy Wing, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Previous to wrestling, she was an office stenographer by day, had extraordinary muscle development, and was hoping to become a professional wrestler. Locally, Billy Wolfe was equipping striving women professional wrestlers. At first, Wolfe did not want to train Burke and instructed a male wrestler to body slam her, so she would quit asking Wolfe to train her. Burke, however, conducted a body slam on the man instead, which resulted in Wolfe conceding to train her. Wolfe coached her and understood that she was Wolfe’s aspect for which he was waiting. The close vicinity of their training resulted in a relationship and ultimately a relationship. Altering her name to Mildred Burke, she defeated Clara Mortenson for the Women’s World Championship in January 1937. In the 1930s, she wrestled over 200 men, but only lost to one of them. Despite the wealth that her husband received as a promoter of women grapplers, there was a dark side to their marriage. In her later years, she ran a women’s wrestling school in Encino, California.

On 18th February 1989, Burke died from a stroke in Northridge, California, and was buried at the Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles. In the year 2002, she was posthumously inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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