45 Misty Blue Simmes Sexy Pictures Which Are Basically Astounding


The American former professional wrestler Misty Blue Simmes was born on 8th February 1959. Her original name is Diane Syms.

Simmes got into wrestling after knowing to box and being part of an all-female boxing show. From there, she was asked Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school where she equipped for 18 months before her first match. Misty competed for the American Wrestling Association in a 10 woman debate royal at Wrestle Rock 86 on 20th April 1986. The match was achieved by Sherri Martel.

In the year 1986, Misty joined the National Wrestling Alliance and was awarded the NWA United Women’s Championship replacement of the prior NWA World Championship held by Debbie Combs. She also often partnered with Heidi Lee Morgan and Vula in tag-team matches. Misty feuded with Monster Ripper in Puerto Rico and earned a title from her. There are unverified reports that Misty may have lost some matches, but no pictorial or readily available written proof seems to exist.

At the end of 1991, she wrestled in The world Championship Wrestling, which had developed from the Jim Crockett Promotions branch of the NWA. Misty strove in matches against Linda Dallas and Kat LeRoux. She is wedded to Jon Simmes.

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