27 Moments When Marvel Fans Poked Fun At The Avengers


So, it has finally dawned upon us-the very first trailer for Avengers 4 will release on 7 December and all the fans are getting super hyped up. The Infinity War trailer surely delivered with Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and the Guardians were seen all ready to stop the Mad Titan from Thanos. The movie was really great, and we saw all the heroes… ahem… most of the heroes doing their best to defeat Thanos.

Unfortunately, by the end of the movie, Thanoshad snapped his fingers. Half of the universe along with half of the superheroes had turned into dust, and all the fans were left in shock.

The movie, Avengers 4 will follow the remaining superheroes as they try to reverse the effects of the snap. The MCU is the original and most successful cinematic universe in Hollywood, and it is home to many fan-favourite superheroes and supervillains. All the fans are super passionate about this shared universe and all the movies within this franchise. Most of the fans have now become super impatient about the Avengers 4 trailer, and the internet is full of fandoms demanding to see the trailer of the next big ensemble movie.

In light of this, here we have for you 27 times that the Marvel fans poked fun at the Avengers:

1. Kowalski Analysis!

2. Best one!

3. Poor Thor!

4. Haha!

5. Thor And Steve Rogers!

6. King of Expressions!

7. School Version of The Avengers!

8. Help!

9. Yes Yes!

10. Funny One!

11. Avengers Guys!

12. Exactly The Reaction!

13. Absolutely!

14. No No!

15. The Fighting Styles!

16. Diva Wars!

17. Yeah, Tell Us, Steve!

18. Oh Yeah!

19. Oh Shit!

20. So Cute!

21. OMG!

22. Am I Joke To You!

23. A Little More!

24. Elf of The Shelf!

25. Woah!

26. Mighty Cape!

27. Who Did This!


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